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End punctuation rule of a sentence that gives a command
What is a period?
An adjective modifies.......
What are nouns or pronouns?
What adverbs modify or describe
What are verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs?

What is Central/Main Idea?

what is the central/main idea is the message that the author is trying to get across to the reader?


What is figurative meaning?

What is figurative meaning is departing from a literal use of words?

End punctuation of a sentence that expresses strong feeling
What is an exclamation mark?
Adjective questions
What are........What kind? Which one? How many?
Questions adverbs ask
What are .......How? When? Where?

Most people want to think that they are in control of their pets. However, a study by Karen McComb at the University of Sussex found that cat owners are controlled by their cats. Cat owners probably won’t have too much trouble believing this. Cats make a fairly loud noise by mixing a purr with a cry. The sound seems to be less annoying to humans than straight meowing. Using this sound, cats tell humans when they want to eat and when they want the door opened. The purr part of the sound keeps humans from becoming too annoyed, so the cat gets exactly what he or she wants. 

What is the main idea presented in this paragraph?

What is cats control their owners?


 Chen was the school's superstar. Today, he was playing in front of a national audience. He was going to represent the little town of Hyattville. Chen was going to leave his mark, and the world was going to see it. His parents cheered for him with teary eyes and encouraging smiles.
     Everybody eagerly waited for Chen to give the performance of his lifetime. The curtains were drawn like clouds revealing the sun. The spotlight was on Chen now. People in the auditorium held their breaths as if they were swimming under water. He played the piano as if his fingers were butterflies jumping on flowers. And, the music echoed like raindrops falling on the windowpane.

The author describes Chen's playing the music as "butterflies jumping on flowers" to show

What is how swiftly and gracefully he plays the piano?

Name of mark in place of a letter or letters that have been left out in a contraction
What is an apostrophe?
Name the adjective(s) in this sentence. Beautiful Meesha took a long relaxing nap.
What are beautiful, long, and relaxing?
Identify the adverb(s) in this sentence. Meesha raced quickly toward the frightened mouse.
What is quickly?

  Before weight machines, stationary bikes, and step aerobics, people practiced yoga for spiritual and physical health. Yoga's origins predate written history. Archaeologists have found stone carvings that show figures in yoga positions. These stones, from the Indus Valley, are at least 5,000 years old! Yoga can still contribute plenty to your weight loss program in the 21st century.
Which statement best describes the main idea of this paragraph?

What is yoga has existed for centuries?


We were all excited to go out to a buffet for dinner as a family. I knew that I could fill my plate with the perfect combination of my favorite foods. The only problem was that I had trouble deciding what would be just right, and eventually I could sense the line growing behind me. I knew there was an issue when my brother had no time for my pickiness. He said, “Hey Goldilocks, let’s move it; there’s always a chance for seconds!”
Read the sentence.
He said, “Hey Goldilocks, let’s move it; there’s always a chance for seconds!”
What is the sentence an example of?

What is allusion?

Underlined or quotation marks......books
What is underlining?
Article adjectives
What are ....a, an, and the
True or false? An adverb is part of a sentence pattern because it is a core part.
What is false?

  School uniforms are far cheaper than the currently popular fashions. Many students work long hours at a paying job instead of doing homework because they feel they have to "keep up appearances." If students wore uniforms, there would be no need for most of them to have jobs that take away from their study time.
This passage is mostly about

What is school uniforms being a good idea?

Name of mark after the greeting of a letter.......Dear Sir
What is a colon?
Identify adjectives in this sentence. Dogs raced stupidly around bushes.
What are none?
A lot of adverbs end in this.
What is .....ly?

We're worried when Johnny can't read or add. Shouldn't we also worry when Johnny does and says things that hurt other cultures? In this country, we have assigned our schools with the shaping and reshaping of a democratic policy. That is why the schooling in America has always been a matter of political opinion. But in America, our schools have a very special task.
     The society we have made won't survive without the values of tolerance. Cultural tolerance is nothing without cultural understanding. The challenge facing America in the next century will be the shaping of a truly common public culture. It must be one that responds to the long-silenced cultures of color.
What is the main idea of this article?

What is American schools need to create a common culture?


Kate erupted in a blinding fit of howls and flailing limbs. Right after the teacher told her that Amber had won the raffle, Kate threw herself to the ground and began to squirm and moan like an animal that had just been shot.
     "No! That's my prize! I want it," Kate bellowed. The classroom stood by in shocked silence. This was a fit to end all fits. Amber reluctantly collected her prize as if she was afraid that Kate might harm her in the process. Kate was too busy with her meltdown to notice that the prize had taken new ownership.
     The world seemed to have turned against Kate that day.
     The teachers tried to calm her and reassure her that there will be other raffles and other prizes, but Kate was having none of it. She had wanted that Pretty Princess Purse from the day she set eyes on it. All she had to do was be on her best behavior for a whole month to earn gold stars. Each gold star was placed in the raffle box with her name on it, and at the end of the month they drew one gold star to win the prize. A month's worth of suppressed bad behavior came flooding out of Kate the minute she found out that she did not get the Pretty Princess Purse. 

The author uses a single sentence in paragraph 3 to

What is emphasize Kate's unhappiness?

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