Percent of a Number
Tax, tip, markups
Percent of Change
Discount, Sale Price, markdowns
Commission and Past Topics
The students in Cooper's grade voted to select a guest speaker. 30% of the students voted for a famous athlete. If there are 70 students in Cooper's grade, how many students voted for the athlete?
What is 21
This is the total amount paid for a stereo that costs $59.99 with 7% tax.
What is $64.19?
5 cups to 8 cups
What is 60% increase?
75 students decreased by 80%
What is 15 students
For every car you sell, you get a 6% commission. If your total sales for the month are $125,650. What is your commission?
What is $7,539?
Julie read 27 pages of an 80 page book. What percent of the book has she read?
What is 33.75%
The wholesale price of the skateboard was $70. The markup of the skateboard is 125%. What is the new price?
What is $157.50
Yesterday your bus ride to school took 8 minutes. Today because of the snow, the bus ride took 10 minutes. What is the percent of change?
What is 25% increase?
In a bicycle store, a $500 bicycle is marked, "Get a 30% discount." What is the sale price of the bicycle?
What is $350?
You receive an 11% commission on all the sales you make. If your commission for the month is $512.50, what was your total sales?
What is $4659.09?
A baseball pitcher won 80% of the games he pitched. If he pitched 35 games, then how many games did he win?
What is 28 games?
Total cost for a $110 dinner with 25% tip!
What is $137.50
Adding cheese to a McDonald's Quarter Pounder increases the calorie count from 420 to 510. What is the percent of change?
What is 21.4% increase?
In a grocery store, a $12 case of soda is labeled, "Get a 20% discount." What is the discount?
What is $2.40?
Which is the better buy? 5-pack of ice cream sandwiches for $2.60 with a $.50 off coupon or a 7-pack of ice cream sandwiches for $4.06 with a 20% off coupon
What is 5-pack of ice cream sandwiches?
A jar is filled with blue and yellow buttons. If the jar has a total of 500 buttons and 54% of the buttons are blue. How many yellow buttons are in the jar?
What is 230 yellow buttons?
A store pays $120 for a bicycle. The store has a 65% markup policy. How much would you have to pay for the bicycle?
What is $198
The price of a CD player was marked down from $70.00 to $56.00. What was the percent of change discount?
What is 20% discount?
After a discount of 35%, you pay $35.71 for a video game. What was the original price of the game?
What is $54.94?
The table shows the number of vacation days (y), that can be taken after so many months (x). Write an equation to represent how many vacation days you get after so many months of working. Months - 2 4 5 6 Vacation Days - 8 16 20 24
What is y = 4x?
A sports shop has 15 employees. 60% of the employees work part-time. How many part-time employees does the sports shop have?
What is 9?
Your friend owns a small store. For a gallon of milk, the cost to the store is $2.20. The store then markups the milk 60%. What price do they sell the milk for?
What is $3.52
On Monday, Jake could lift 25 lbs. One month later he could lift 45 lbs. What is the percent of change in the number of pounds he can lift?
What is 80% increase?
You want to buy Cowboys tickets that cost $350. Because the Cowboys did terrible this year, they offer two discounts. The first is for 25% off. The second is a discount of 40% off the discounted price. What is the final cost?
What is $157.50?
8.9 -21.76 34/2 12/3 -24 Which of the following statements is not true about the list of numbers above? a) The list contains only rational numbers. b) The list contains exactly 3 integers. c) The list contains exactly 1 whole number. d) The list contains no irrational numbers.
What is C?