Making Us Immigrate Again
To Gild A Better Mousetrap
I Never SAW That Coming
Term-inal Illness
Many Americans, then and now, preferred this policy of staying out of world affairs and remaining "hands off."
What is Isolationism?
Henry Ford pioneered this process, combining assembly lines and standardized parts to produce larger quantities of goods.
What is Mass Production?
The explosion on this ship was blamed on Spain, and led to a declaration of war.
What is the U.S.S. Maine?
"Unfair treatment of a group" (often due to race, religion, or place of birth)
What is "discrimination"?
In the D.C. Universe, Oliver Queen is better known as this colorful robin-hood-like vigilante.
Who is the Green Arrow?
While slums were not segregated, these neighborhoods were - primarily for Spanish speakers.
What are barrios?
He was the inventor of the telephone, although his first call was only from one room to another.
Who is Alexander Graham Bell?
This Secretary of the Navy resigned his job so that he could lead the Rough Riders to victory in Cuba.
Who is Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt?
"Making rules for every part of a thing so that it is identical."
What are "Standardized Parts"?

Despite COVID-19 still being a thing, Salt Lake City was able to host the 10th one of these this last weekend - a bi-annual gathering of geeks, gamers, and cosplayers.

What is Fan-Ex? (Comic-Con)

Immigrants going through Ellis Island were questioned about relatives, plans, and these two areas.
What are health and occupation?
The "Wizard of Menlo Park" not only invented the electric light bulb, but also the motion picture camera, and these two inventions.
What are the battery and the phonograph?
An example of Dollar Diplomacy, this policy in China led to an armed revolt.
What is the Open-Door Policy?
"When one nation exercises control over another, politically or economically."
What is "Imperialism"?

This week in 1823, this religious leader stated he found the golden plates after being directed by God through the Angel Moroni to the place where they were buried.

Who was Joseph Smith? (Jr.)

Many immigrants were forced to work in sweat shops - workplaces characterized by these three things.
What are long hours, low wages, and unsafe conditions?
It was at this city in North Carolina that Orville and Wilbur Wright first successfully tested their airplane.
What is Kittyhawk?
Yellow Journalism relies on sensational, biased, and this type of reporting - much like modern click-bait.
What is false reporting?
"Combining a country's business interests with it diplomatic interests."
What is "Dollar Diplomacy"?

Today would be the 84th birthday of Jim Henson, who created things like Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth, but also this famous singing, dancing, and hand-held performing group.

Who are the Muppets?

While Ellis Island processed immigrants on the East Coast, for the Japanese and Chinese, they went through this island - in San Francisco Bay.
What is Angel Island?

"Mark Twain" was the writer that coined the phrase "The Gilded Age," though THIS was his birth name. 

What is "Samuel Clemens"?


He was the famous Commodore (and later Admiral) who sunk all but four Spanish vessels in two hours during the Battle of Manila Bay.

Who is Commodore George Dewey?


"A principle of US policy that any intervention by external powers in the politics of the Americas is a potentially hostile act against the US." (and the Roosevelt Corollary built on it)

What is "The Monroe Doctrine"?

On today's date in 1948, Gail Halvorsen officially started parachuting this to children as part of the Berlin Air lift.
What is candy?
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