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You work at Nightingale Nursing Home as a nursing assistant.  You have been assigned to care for Mr. Rodriguez, who is a newly admitted resident.  Mr. Rodriguez asks you to go to the newspaper vending machine and purchase a newspaper for him.  When you return with the newspaper, Mr. Rodriguez states, “Thank you so much.  Take this dollar and buy yourself a soft drink on your break.”  Which of the following actions BEST describes what you should do next?

Take the money but ask him not to tell anyone.

Take the money just this one time.

Thank him and politely refuse the money

Thank him and take the money.


You are the nurse assigned to care for Mrs. Galloway who has been newly diagnosed with diabetes. You have been assisting her to learn to manage her medications and diet. Which of the following statements would be BEST in promoting effective communication?

“I believe that you have come a long way in learning how to manage your care.”

“It didn’t look as if you were ever going to be able to get the injection technique right.”

“You don’t appear to take any interest in managing your dietary intake.”

“You really should check your blood sugar more often or you will end up right back in the hospital.”


What types of privileged, medical information must, BY LAW, be reported?


Breast cancer




A private hospital receives its money or funding from:

Donations from organized fundraisers.   

Government funding.

Patient fees and one or more donors.

Religious organizations.


What are the different types of healthcare systems?

Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes, Rehab, Laboratory, Ophthalmologist, Dentists, School based clinics, etc.


You are a nursing assistant working the 7 PM – 7 AM shift in a hospital.  As you are leaving the unit for your break, you pass a patient’s room and notice that another nursing assistant is changing the patient’s bed. The door to the room is wide open and the patient is exposed. The other nursing assistant states, “It doesn’t matter, no one is around to see him in the middle of the night” Which of the following is the BEST response?

Agree with the nursing assistant. After all, she’s right; who is going to see in the middle of the night?

Close the door, cover the patient, and remind the nursing assistant that the patient is entitled to privacy.

Go ahead and take your break, but report the incident to the Charge Nurse when you return.

Walk on by quickly and try to prevent anyone else from walking past the room.


A dentist walks into a room with a client seated in the dental chair.  While looking at x-rays, the dentist states “We are going to need to send you to an endodontist.”  As the dentist is walking out the door, he adds “My receptionist will make you an appointment.”  What message does the dentist’s body language send to the patient?

I am busy and do not really care about you.

I am recommending what is best for you.

You need more help than I can give you.

Your gums are in really bad condition.



Which of the following BEST describes how to correct a mistake in the EMR (electronic medical record)?

Ask your supervisor to change the mistaken entry.

Correct the entry and document that you have done so.

Delete the entire medical record and start over.

Delete the mistaken entry and start over.


Ms. Greenway, age 29, has an appointment with Dr. Mayers for her annual physical exam. Which of the following information is MOST important for her to share with Dr. Mayers?

She has just changed departments at her place of employment.

She has lately started taking an herbal supplement from the health food store.

She is planning to vacation in Hawaii in 3 weeks.

She has started walking one mile during her lunch break every day.


List the different types of Government Agencies.



Mr. Davidson is a 72 years old resident of the local nursing home. Mr. Davidson is of sound mind and legally capable of making his own decisions. He has been scheduled for knee replacement surgery following continued pain and osteoarthritis in his right knee. Within minutes of receiving his preoperative medications, Mr. Davidson tells the nurse that he has “changed his mind” and “does not want surgery”. Which of the following is the BEST action by the nurse?

Nothing since he has already been medicated and cannot make an informed decision.

Notify his physician stat so that she can speak with Mr. Davidson and make a decision.

Take him back to his room and document that he has refused to have the surgery.

Tell Mr. Davidson not to worry and that he will feel fine soon.


You are a nurse working in the Emergency Department.  You observe your co-worker accessing the medical record of a patient discharged yesterday. He says “I want to know why Mr. Mozart was sent home without being admitted”. What should you do?

Don’t do anything as it’s none of your business.

Pretend that you didn’t hear what he said.

Report your observations to your supervisor.

Watch him closely to see that he doesn’t read too much


Interpret this medical order- Meperidine 50 mg IV every 4 hours prn pain:

Administer Meperidine 50 milligrams into a muscle every 4 hours.

Administer Meperidine 50 micrograms into a vein every 4 hours.

Administer Meperidine 50 milligrams into a vein every four hours as needed for pain.

Administer Meperidine 50 milligrams into the fatty tissue every four hours as needed for pain.


Mr. Melvin has a family plan health insurance through Blue Cross and Blue Shield. He pays $400.00 per month for the plan. His deductible is $1,200.00, his co-payment is $25.00 and his co-insurance is 10%. What is the minimum amount that Mr. Melvin and his family will pay EACH time one of them receives health care?






List 4 private health insurance plans

Aetna, BCBS, United Healthcare, Cigna


You are the nursing assistant assigned to deliver a lunch tray to 59 years old Mr. Edelmen; Mr. Edelmen is Jewish. His lunch consists of a hamburger, carrot salad, broccoli, and whole milk. Which of the following BEST describes your actions?

Assist Mr. Edelmen in washing his hands and set up the tray.

Call the dietary department and order a different lunch tray.

Replace the whole milk with low fat milk from the unit refrigerator.

Remove the milk and ask Mr. Edelmen what he would like to drink.


Which of the following is acceptable use of computers, technology, and social media?

Answering your mobile phone when speaking with your patient.

Posting a get well wish to your patient’s Facebook page.

Sharing your computer password with your co-worker who has forgotten hers.

Texting healthcare information to a patient after he has given his consent to do so.


Which of the following is an example of subjective information?

Ella, age 14, has a 2 cm diameter hemangioma on her right scapula.

Gerald, age 74, has a temperature of 101.2 ° F.

Jamal, age 41, tells you that he has a headache.

Mara, age 22, has a BP of 122/76.


A federal insurance plan for people over the age of 65, and those who have been disabled for at least 2 years is:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare



The Affordable Care Act


List 4 government insurance plans.

Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare, CHIPS


Mr. Garner is a 75 years old man who has developed stage II Alzheimer’s disease.  He can walk and use his hands but he is very forgetful.  He has difficulty communicating verbally.  He often repeats himself when talking.  Sometimes he appears not to understand what has been said to him. Which of the following will MOST likely promote effective communication with Mr. Garner?

Avoid talking with him unless you need to provide physical care.

Distract him and then provide information to him quickly before he forgets.

Get his attention and provide information in much detail.

Get his attention and provide information in short and concise sentences.


Which of the following is an example of a subjective observation?

Mr. Mendez’s has a temperature of 102°F.

Mr. Mendez is drinking large amounts of water.

Mr. Mendez says he is very warm.

Mr. Mendez’s skin is red and flushed.


Which of the following is TRUE related to accurate and complete patient medical records?

The medical record is a legal documentation of patient care.

The medical record may be shared with family members.

The medical record may be used by businesses to offer special products to patients.

The medical record may be used for research without the patient’s permission.


Which of the following has the GREATEST potential to adversely affect a person’s health?

Cultural background



Socioeconomic status


What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is for 65 and older receiving disability for 2 years. Medicaid helps families that can't afford private healthcare insurance.