Basic word problems
Solving for X
Solving a Multi-variable Equation
The average of three numbers is 45. If two of the numbers are 35 and 45, what is the third number?
2x - 8 + 10 = 5x + 3 Express answer as a fraction in simplest form
What is -1/3
Solve 5t - 2r =25 for t
t = (25 +2r)/5
Calvin has 8 dimes, 12 nickels, and 7 quarters. How much money does he have?
What is $3.15
A car is traveling at an average speed of 32 mph. How far will the car travel in 45 minutes?
What is 24 miles
In a triangle, one angle is 40 degrees more than the smallest angle and the third angle is twice as big as the smallest angle. Find the measure of each angle.
What is 35, 75, and 70
(2/3)(x - 3) = 8
What is 15
Solve A = (c + b)/2 for b
What is b = 2A - c
If Dan has n nickels and 18 more dimes than nickels, what expression would give the value of her dimes in cents?
What is 5(n + 18) or 5n + 90
Two cars leave a rest stop at the same time. The eastbound car travels 65 mph and the westbound car travels 55 mph. After 2 hours, how far apart are they?
What is 240
the length of a rectangle is 5 cm less than three times its width. The perimeter is 134 cm. What is the area of the rectangle
What is 882 square cm.
(2x - 3)/5 = (x + 1)/6
What is 23/7
Solve (12s)/w = CD for w
What is w = (12s)/CD
A carpenter makes $55 per hour and his assistant makes $30 per hour. On one job the assistant works 5 hours longer than the carpenter and together they make $2020. How long did each work?
What is 22 hours for the carpenter and 27 hours for his assistant
A car drives at a rate of 50 miles per hour for six hours. A bus drives the same route in 8 hours. What was the average speed of the bus?
What is 37.5 mph
A plumber charges $55 an hour for his labor and his assistant charges $30. If the plumber works twice as long as the assistant on a particular job and they charge $700, how long did the plumber work?
10 hours
(2x)/3 + (3x)/4 = 10
What is 120/17
Solve A = S(1 + N) for N
What is N = (A/S) -1
200 tickets were sold for a school play. Adult tickets cost $8 and student tickets cost $5. A total of $1381 was collected. How many student tickets were sold?
What is 73
Liz leaves school and walks home at a rate of 2.5 miles per hour. At the same time, her mom leaves home, driving at a rate of 30 miles per hour, to pick her up. If Liz's house is 8 miles from the school, how long will it take for Liz's mom to meet up with Liz? (round to nearest hundredth)
What is .25 hours
Rosemary works two part-time jobs while attending college. During the day she works at the college bookstore and earns $8.25 per hour. In the evening she delivers pizza for Papa Gino's, earning $9.25 per hour. If Rosemary earned $247 last week from working a total of 28 hours, find how many hours she worked at Papa Gino's last week.
What is 16 hours
(2x - 4)/7 = (x+3)/5
What is 41/3
Solve R = (L + 3w)/2 for w
What is (2r - L)/3
David has 12 more dimes than quarters. If he has $8.90 in all, how many dimes does he have?
What is 22
Two planes leave the CVG airport for LA at the same time. One flies at 250 mph and the other flies at 300 mph. How much time will it take for them to be 175 miles apart?
What is 3.5 hours
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