Foods To Limit
Healthier Options
Helpful Tips
Words to Avoid
True or False: It's a good to supersize a meal because it only costs 50 cents more.
False: Although you get a lot of food for the money, supersized foods are greatly over portioned and add a lot of fat, calories and sugar to your meal
Which is the healthiest dessert option? A) small McFlurry, B) soft serve ice cream, C) oatmeal raisin cookie, D) cheesecake bites
B, soft serve ice cream is a lower fat option and contains calcium
A healthy side option alternative could include: A) Jalapeno poppers, B) salad, C) Apple wedges, D) mozzarella sticks (may be more than one correct answer)
B & C (salad and apple wedges)
True of False: Creamy Caesar salad would be healthy fast food choice
False, Avoid the word "creamy"
True or False: A menu item that sounds low fat is almost always a low fat item
False: just because an item is sounds low- fat does not mean that it is low fat
Which of the following are foods to limit: A) Mayonnaise, B) Pastries, C) Yogurt, D)Sweetened Tea
A, B, D
True or False: a junior hamburger could be a healthy choice
True (smaller portion size)
Which is the healthiest drink option when purchasing from a convenience store? A) low fat milk, B) Coke, C) Hawaiian Punch, D) Kool- aid
A) low fat milk
Which is the best option A) breaded chicken tender wrap, B) BBQ chicken wrap, C) deluxe chicken wrap
B) BBQ chicken wrap ("breaded" and "deluxe" are words to avoid)
How many meals are typically eaten outside the home?
1 out of 3
True or False: So long as whole wheat pasta is used, alfredo and white sauces are a healthy choice.
False Although whole wheat pasta is a good choice, alfredo sauces are still high in fat and sodium
Name three types of beverages that would be a good choice at a fast food restaurant
water, unsweetened iced tea, light lemonade, 100% juice, milk
Which is the best option when purchasing snack foods at a convenience store: A) snack cake, B) Cheetos, C) baked potato chips, D) individually packaged pie
C) baked potato chips - (75 cal per 1 oz)
Why would the roasted turkey melt with special sauce not be a good choice?
"Melt" means high fat cheese and special sauce is usually mayonnaise- based sauce)
True or False: To get your money's worth, you should eat all of your meal even if you are not hungry
False: take half home with you
True or False: When concerned about controlling calories, asking for a refill of unsweetened tea is okay
True. Unsweetened tea has no or minimal calories
What is the best type of bread and pasta products to choose?
whole wheat
Why is it important to purchase items with nutrition labels from convenience stores?
So you can identify the healthiest choices
What are three words that indicate fried?
"crispy", "crunchy", and "breaded"
Name three ways to help with portion control.
use smaller dishes, no seconds, splitting the meal, not eating out of a bag/box, measure it, etc
Which would be the best option: A) Egg McMuffin, B) cherry turnover, C) sausage biscuit, D) cinnamon roll
A) Egg McMuffin, they are a good choice. Biscuits, croissants, and pastries are high in fat and saturated fat
Is broccoli cheddar soup a low fat option?
No, because it's not a broth- based soup or because it is cheese and milk based

Daily Double!! 

Name three nutritious and cost efficient items with nutrition labels from convenience store

loaves of bread, peanut butter, lean deli meat, whole grain cereal, milk (or any nutritious item that can be used for more than one meal)

True or False: A loaded baked potato is a good choice if you get it without the sour cream?
False: Loaded potatoes have butter, bacon and cheese, which make it high in fat, sodium, and calories
In 2002 , what percentage of food dollars was spent on food away from home? A) 12%, B) 31%, C) 43%, D) 56%
C) 43%