I know what I signed!
More on the fine print and work hours...
Uhhh...What's SI?
Need to Know!
This is something you have signed and can refer back to review what your job responsibilities include.
What is the SI Leader/Tutor contract?
Notice must be given at least _____ hours prior to missing any contracted work hours.
What is 24 hours?
The minimum number of sessions conducted by an SI Leader each week.
What is 3?
This must be signed by EVERY ACCESS student on their first visit with the tutor.
What is an ACCESS Student/Tutor Expectations Agreement Form?
Tutorial videos and other SI Leader/Tutor resources such as Workday information, forms, etc. can be retrieved from __________.
What is the SI Leader/Tutor Resource webpage?
SI Leaders/Tutors are not permitted to help students with any class work that is ____________.
What is graded?
This is required to be submitted to the SI Graduate Assistant at least one week before you wish to hold an exam review.
What is a room request form?
SI Leaders are required to submit these to the professor for approval at least 48 hours prior to a session.
What are handouts?
If an ACCESS student is not there within the first ______ minutes of the appointment, the tutor must then call the student.
What is 10?
This event takes place the day before finals start for both the fall and spring semesters and ALL SI Leaders/Tutors are required to participate in it.
What is Up Owl Night?
The number of peer observations SI Leaders/Tutors are required to do throughout the semester.
What is 2?
This is required to be turned in to the SI Graduate Assistant EVERY Monday no later than 5pm.
What is SI Attendance?
You are required to make one of these at the beginning of the term and then once a month throughout the semester.
What is a class announcement?
The tab in TutorTrac that you click on to enter notes following an appointment with an ACCESS student.
What is the Visit Info tab?
These are held every few weeks on Friday afternoons and are 2 hours in duration.
What are T.A.G.S.?
A statement signed by the SI Leader/Tutor that addresses issues such as trust and a student's expectation of privacy.
What is Confidentiality Statement?
You are permitted to sign in and out of Workday within ____________ of your scheduled hours.
What is 5 minutes?
This is a self-designated time for SI Leaders to create lesson plans, handouts, and enter attendance.
What is the Planning Hour?
Provides at-risk first and second-year students intentional/intrusive support to increase their opportunities for academic success.
What is the ACCESS program?
__________ is where you can log volunteer hours if you have worked over your contracted hours.
What is NobleHour?
Employment through CLASS as a SI Leader/Tutor is on a semester-by-semester basis and is contingent upon schedule availability and completion of all ________________ requirements.
What are CRLA training requirements?
Do not guess! If you're unsure of which "position" you should be signing in/out of on Workday, you should look here.
What is the offer letter?
Students who attend ______ or more SI Session earn on average a half to a whole letter grade higher than those who do not attend sessions.
What is 6?
Allows the tutor to send important information about an ACCESS student directly to the advisor immediately.
What is the ACCESS Tutoring Report?
This program pairs new SI Leaders/Tutors with an experienced team member that they can seek advice/information from throughout the semester.
What is Peer Mentor Program?
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