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Love Idioms

Cartier sold him a 69.42-carat diamond in 1968; he in turn gave it to then-wife Elizabeth Taylor.  

Answer: Who was Richard Burton? 

After their second divorce, Taylor sold the diamond in 1979 as a fundraiser to build a hospital.


In a delicious ad campaign, this restaurant chain sang, “I want my baby back ribs.”  

Answer: What is Chili’s? 

The commercial first aired in 1989, though the tune we know and love today was refined in the early ’90s.


The holiday that celebrates love falls on this date.  

Answer: What is February 14? 

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day when flowers, chocolates, and diamonds dominate gift-giving. Valentine’s Day is also one of the most popular days to get engaged.


When you’re hopelessly infatuated with someone, you are said to fall head over these in love with them.

Answer: What are heels? 

In other words, you and your stomach flip over this person.


When you still have feelings for a person even though the relationship ended a long time ago, you are said to carry this.

Answer: What is a torch? The phrase to carry a torch first appeared in the 1920s. Some say it was inspired by certain sad love songs, also known as torch songs.


This famous diamond was donated to the Smithsonian by Harry Winston, Inc. in 1958 and was exhibited at the Louvre in 1962.  

Answer: What is the Hope Diamond? 

In 1974, the diamond weighed in at 45.52 carats.


They’ve wanted to “teach the world to sing” since 1971.  

Answer: Who is Coca-Cola? 

The commercial jingle was so popular that the song became a hit in its own right.


When February has 29 days, the year is known as this.  

 Answer: What is a leap year? 

The length of a year is 365.25 days, so every four years, we have a year with an extra day.


This is a first-time romantic get-together with someone you haven’t met.  

Answer: What is a blind date? 

Mutual acquaintances like family or friends usually arrange these dates, and despite the misconception, they sometimes lead to long-term relationships.


This gem, sometimes called a “simulated diamond,” was first commercially produced in the 1970s.  

Answer: What is cubic zirconia? 

The gem was first marketed in 1976 after Soviet scientists discovered how to create the crystals.


“You deserve a break today,” said this fast-food giant in 1971.  

Answer: What is McDonald’s? 

The tune was named the No. 1 jingle of the century by Ad Age in 1999.


This monarch came to the throne on February 6, 1952.

 Answer: Who is Queen Elizabeth II? 

Her coronation was held June 2, 1953.


Make love, not this.

Answer: What is war? 

This was the 1960s mantra during the Vietnam War, often accompanied by the peace sign.


This style of bracelet named for a sport gained its name when Chris Evert wore one during a match and dropped it.  

Answer: What is a tennis bracelet? Evert’s inadvertent loss of her jewelry led to a search of the tennis court and made both sports and jewelry history.


Since 1989, this store chain proclaimed itself “the place with the helpful hardware man.”  

Answer: What is Ace? 

In recent years, the brand changed the wording to “helpful hardware folks” to be more inclusive.


He was freed from prison in February 1990, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, and elected president of his country in 1994.  

Answer: Who is Nelson Mandela? He became South Africa’s first Black president at the age of 77 and helped create many new jobs.


This describes when you can see no faults with your significant other.  

Answer: What is love is blind? 

This stage is usually early in the relationship and often doesn’t last long.


In 1981, jewelry designer David Yurman was awarded Designer of the Year by the Cultured Pearl Associations of the U.S. and this Asian nation.  

Answer: What is Japan? 

His pearl designs were considered innovative, as they used imperfect pearls that would otherwise have been discarded.


This chewing gum brand assured consumers that “The taste is gonna move you!”  

Answer: What is Juicy Fruit? 

First aired in 1986, the commercial featured carefree skiing teens.


This ancient festival falls on February 2 and used to be considered the midpoint of winter.  

Answer: What is Candlemas Day? 

In a bygone era, Christmas lasted 40 days, ending on February 2. People brought candles to church to receive a blessing on Candlemas Day.


This type of affection is said to be expressed by strict parents, sometimes to promote responsible behavior.

Answer: What is tough love? 

Bill Milliken is believed to have coined the phrase in his 1968 book of the same title.