Figurative Language
Author's Purpose
Fact or Opinion
More Strategies
"The chocolate candy in the cupboard called to me", is an example of a. idiom b. personification c. metaphor
What is a personification.
Stories based on the author's imagination is known as _____________________?
What is it called when the author expresses his opinions and views? a. entertainment b. point of view c. climax
What is b - point of view?
The sun is the largest star in our solar system. Fact or Opinion?
What is fact?
The candle lit the curtains on fire and burned the house down. Is this an example of: a. Compare/Contrast b. Point of View c. Cause/Effect
What is c- cause and effect?
Birds of a feather flock together is an example of a. personification b. hyperbole c. idiom
What is c, an idiom.
Contains verses, lines, stanzas, and rhyme schemes.
All of the following are three main reasons why an author writes a story, EXCEPT to a. inform. b. persuade. c. entertain. d. take up your free time
What is d?
My sister is the friendliest person I know. Fact or Opinion?
What is Opinion?
It’s always a good idea to think about what you read, before you read the rest of it! Guess what will happen next!
What is predicting?
"The old man and his wife had "boot orders coming out of their ears". This is an example of a. idiom b. metaphor c. hyperbole
What is a hyperbole.
Biographies, autobiographies, and speeches
Lisa always looked forward to the fall because of the Harvest Festival. Of course, she loved the rides, but she really enjoyed the shows. This year would be the best. Lisa had a special opportunity to perform in the talent show. The author's purpose is to a. entertain. b. persuade. c. inform. d. create a mysterious mood.
What is a - entertain?
That math test was extremely difficult.
What is opinion?
DICTIONARY SKILLS! uttered or sounded in one unvarying tone a.echo b.monotonous c.riveting
The answer is b- monotonous.
"Her hair was white as snow", is an example of a. idiom b. simile c. analogy
what is a simile.
advertisements, e-mails, online information, televised news, and documentaries
What do you do with aluminum cans? Do you throw them in the trash, or do you recycle when you are finished with them? At the rate we are filling our landfills, we will not have anywhere else to put our trash. If you recycle, you will help the environment. The next time you throw away your Coke can, think about putting it in a recycling bin. Your effort will help save your community. The author's purpose is to a. entertain. b. persuade. c. inform. d. create a mysterious mood.
What is b - persuade?
Pick out the fact. a. In America the traffic laws are too strict. b. In America a red traffic light means STOP. c. In America the biggest cars are the safest cars.
What is b?
Mr. R was running late this morning. He had a meeting so he couldn’t get the classroom ready on time. His facial expression didn’t look happy. I think he might be frustrated. I can figure out how he is feeling by thinking about what I know and what happened to Mr. R!
What is making an inference?
"The road was a swamp", is an example of a. metaphor b. simile c. hyperbole
What is a metaphor.
cast of characters, dialogue, scenes, settings, set directions
Tomatoes were once considered poisonous. Some brave people finally took a bite of a tomato, and they survived. Now, we use tomatoes in our salads and sandwiches. Do you ever use tomato sauce or ketchup? These products are made of tomatoes. If it weren't for these brave individuals, you might not be able to enjoy ketchup with your french-fries. The author's purpose is to a. entertain. b. persuade. c. inform. d. create a mysterious mood.
What is c - inform?
Which of these is an opinion and not a fact? a. Earth is a planet where animals and plants can live. b. Earth is the third planet from the sun. c. Earth is the most beautiful planet.
What is c?
You can figure out the meaning of a word that you don’t know by reading the words and sentence/s around the unknown word. This is called using your ___________ ___________.
What is context clues?