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Future of Sport Trends

this is known as traveling from one region, country, or state to engage or participate in a sports-related activity

What is sports tourism? 


The baseball team that experienced incredible success in sport sales and has navigated from Savannah to selling out Major League Baseball stadiums in 2024

Who are the bananas 


These are rules created to operationalize statutes by providing specific guidelines for clubs and organizations

What are regulations


What are the three areas in the event cycle (Slide 2)

What are pre-event, main event and post event.


This trend involves renegotiating which organization has the right to broadcast a specific league's games and sports products. These value of these deals have been seen in the NWSL, NBA, NFL in the past few years. 

What are media rights deals


Which upcoming Olympic Games has acted as a catalyst/blueprint for how sport tourism may be used to generate a SIGNIFICANT revenue for a country? 

What is Paris 2024


Sales can come in two main forms, what are they?

What are inbound and outbound. 


The first commissioner to act in the "best interest of the game" acted on this 1918 baseball scandal of which team? 

Chicago Black Sox


Within sport you rarely need to show up early, as fans normally do not arrive to a facility hours in advance to fulfill cultural and traditional norms (i.e. Tailgating) 


What is false


T/F - Fan data is used to better target and reach fans with personalized marketing messages, promotions and fan experiences. 

What is true

Sport tourism events or "mega events" ALWAYS are a catalyst for longer-term tourism development opportunities - T/F



This is the typology used for sales people who are constantly looking for new leads/clients and are fine with turnover

What are hunters (Slide 8) 


Also known as anti-competitive law, this term describes monopolistic practices of organizations within an industry

What is anti-trust law


What are three ways consumers often need to be incentivized to buy a ticket or enter the game (Slide 6)

On-Field/Court Product, event experience, giveaways 


Name one benefit AI has had on the sport industry? 

Ability to generate content, and improve efficiency data analytics, ext

This term involves traveling specifically to another city or country to watch a specific sporting EVENT

What is Event Based Tourism


This is the typology used to describe the act of doing everything they can to keep their existing customers so they don't have to look for new leads.

What are Farmers 


This player refused to be traded from the STL Cardinals to the Phillies in 1969 and is known as one of the most influential players in the history of sport. 

Curt Flood


What is the MOST important aspect to address as a facility/event manager?

What is SAFETY 


This trend is being used by the Paris Games to help improve the environmental standards of mega events and is at the forefront of many consumers' minds in sport.

What is sustainability in sport? 

A tough mudder, skiing in Colorado or surfing in Hawaii are all examples of this trend

What is active sport tourism (slide 5)


What are three types of fans within the Customer Relationship Management matrix?

What are hardcore, committed, casual, one-time attendees, benefit-driven, emotionally driven fans


Name 3 topics that could be negotiated in a team CBA (Slide 21)

Free Agency, Revenue distribution, league rules, schedule, salary cap, player salaries, rookie salaries


When you think about post-event management what is the main issue which comes to mind which may hinder consumer experience? Slide 14

What is leaving the stadium/arena and parking lots.


What are the TWO biggest issues at the forefront of NCAA Intercollegiate athletics right now

What are NIL legislation and conference reallignment