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Get to know your FLO

Provide at least 1 question you would ask to verify the caller??

DOB/Mailing address/Email address/Phone Number


How do you handle a duplicate email?

No response 

What 2 reasons cause UW ODR??

Call not received or valid proof not received 


What 2 Flags show up only for the state of CA??

Years Exp and OCC/EDU


How often should you be updating your Timecard??



What is the appropriate question to ask the Customer when probing for Garaging??  

The Majority of the time / Primarily kept


When reviewing POGA proof must be in the name of??

Proof must be in name of named insured (NI), second named insured (SNI), or spouse of either AND show as rated, excluded, or list only.


When processing an FLV ODR and the policy is out of free look what memo do you send for a POP flag in FL?? 

UW 10  


What are the 3 Specific POP Flags??



Who is the CRM President??

Lori Niederst 


After completing a call without requiring proof and cancel notice was not issued what 2 things are required to complete the review??

UW Indicator and Follow Up Ack 


What file types are acceptable for proof received??

  • bmp
  • .doc
  • .gif
  • .jpeg
  • .jpg
  • .pdf
  • .png
  • .tif
  • .tiff

What 2 ULD policy verification memos are sent when follow up review is complete??

PV 278+279


What are the 3 required questions when asking the Driver flag??

WHO resides in the HH?

WHO operates the vehicles?

WHO else would you want covered in the event of a claim?


How much PTO do you receive per pay period if you have been employed for 5 years??



Which date must be used to reinstate physical damage coverage when removed due to no response to UW review request??

Notification date


What should you do when you realize you've made a mistake with aux modes?

Notify me


What do you do when the driver is already added to the policy for ULD??

  • Yes:

    • 1. Add/remove processing indicator "Underwriting Team" when applicable.

    • 2. Restrict driver status when needed, using today's date as the effective date:

      • Customer or agent added driver after ULD Verification was initiated: Restrict driver.

      • Driver was listed prior to ULD Verification follow up: Do not restrict driver.

      • Driver is already listed based on the name review: Do not restrict driver.

What 3 probing questions could be asked if the VEH USE flag has OCC??

  • What is your occupation or what kind of work do you do?
  • How is the vehicle used on a daily basis?
  • What job duties or work functions do you use the vehicle for?
  • How many locations do you go to each day for your job?
  • Does your employer require proof of insurance to be provided?
  • Do you transport clients? If so, how often per day/week/month?
  • Do you transport tools, equipment, and/or supplies? If so, what is the total weight?
  • Who is the vehicle registered to?

What is the last workday of the month of OCT??



While recapping with the customer what information should you be providing??

Effective Date of Change, How the Customer will receive the update, Billing (premium change/next payment due), Due Date (if proof due), How policy will be different if proof not returned. 


When processing a signed statement email and the follow up is completed what steps should be taken after adding content to the FLV note?? 

  • Driver was added: Remove driver added during original call. Use date driver was added as effective date.
  • Cancel for no response issued AND driver proof needed to rescind: Rescind underwriting cancel for no response to Policy Verification request.
  • Document NOTES:
    • Category: Claims
    • Text: (AutoText: flvrp): FLV Unlisted Driver Verification: Received valid proof/info for the following unlisted driver. Based on proof/info, cancel was rescinded and driver was not added.
      • Driver Name(s):

How can you leave the DL field blank for NC and VA policies when completing ULD follow up review??

Select Claims in the added due to field 

Step 5 under 5 


POGA , What flagged information should be reviewed for garaging??

Current H/O or Renters pol and active TT/MH pol with Full Timers Package same state as Auto


What are the top 5 Inclusive Behaviors??

Attention, Awareness, Empathy, Intention, Introspection