Historical Figures
Light Source
Hairs & Fibres

As an officer working for the Indian Civil Service in Bengal, this person had the idea to use a hand impressions, rather than a signatures, for contracts.

Who is Sir William Herschel


To conduct a physical match of the markings on a crime scene bullet, you must compare _________ to _________, which requires the creation of a known standard.

What is to compare like to like 


Forensic Entomology is the study of __________ at a crime scene. 

What is insects


This measurement of light is defined as the distance between two identical points, in two consecutive light waves. 

What is wavelength. 


This is the only area of a human hair where nuclear DNA may be found

What is the root


This person stated his interest was sparked by prehistoric Japanese pottery with fingermarks in the clay.

Who is Henry Faulds


This tool, first used by Calvin Goddard, is commonly used to compare aspects of bullets or expended cartridge cases

what is a comparison microscope. 


This is the most commonly the first insect which will inhabit a deceased body

What is Blow Flies

This type of light emission included all forms of light, except light caused solely by high temperatures.

What is luminescence 


This cuticle pattern may be equated or likened to the appearance of stacked cups, and is rarely found on human hair. 

What is a Coronal pattern 


This person published the book "Finger Prints", in 1892, which was the first of its kind, focusing on using fingerprints to solve crimes.

Who is Sir Francis Galton


this process creates raised and lowered spirals in the barrel of a firearm, and leaves markings on bullets which are often used to identify the firearm which fired the bullet. 

What is rifling. 


This theory is based upon the fact that a body will change as it decomposes, and as such, different species of insects are attracted to the body at different times. 

What is Insect Succession. 


This type of light is also referred to as hot light

What is incandescence. 


This cuticle pattern is petal shaped scales, and is never found on human hair

What is Spinous


This person advocated for identification through physical measurements, such as the length of the cubit, and developed a system which led to the development of the mug shot photograph. 

Who is Alphonse Bertillon


This marking on an expended cartridge case is often observed as a circular dent in the middle of base of the cartridge case

What is a firing pin strike


This insect is attracted to a decomposing body later in the process, and the larvae for this insect is known for its ability to skip, or jump. 

What is the Cheese Skipper Fly


The intensity of fluorescence emission is _________ proportional to the intensity of the incident radiation

What is directly


This fibre is a thin, flat, ribbon like structure with convolutions and often has a high luster. 

What is cotton

What was the name of the first person convicted of homicide, with the use of DNA evidence for the first time.

Who is Colin Pitchfork


Gun shot residue is characterized by the existence of these three particles 

what is lead, barium, and antimony. 


Historically maggots were used for a medicinal purpose to perform this function. 

What is to clean serious wounds, to prevent infections. 


When combined with an orange filter, these colors of light may be used to detect seminal stains

What is green or blue light. 


This type of DNA may be found in the shaft of a human hair. 

What is mitochondrial DNA