Dosage Calculation
Basic Care and Comfort
Health Assessment
Infection Control

A nurse is preparing to administer digoxin 0.25 mg PO daily. The amount available is digoxin 0.125 mg tablets. How many tablets should the nurse administer?

What is 2 tablets?


Activities usually performed in the course of a normal day in the patient’s life such as eating, dressing, bathing, brushing the teeth, or grooming.

What are activities of daily living?


A person who cannot understand written or verbal speech has a diagnosis of what?

What is receptive aphasia? 


Safeguards designed to reduce the risk of transmission of epidemiologically important microorganisms by direct or indirect contact.

What is Contact Precautions?


When administering feedings/fluids via NG Tube, the priority action by the nurse is

What is elevating the head of the bed 30-45 degrees?


A nurse is preparing to administer gabapentin 900 mg PO once daily for a client who has neuropathic pain. The amount available is gabapentin 300 mg/capsule. How many capsules should the nurse administer per dose?

What is 3 capsules?


The essential component of nursing care that needs to be taught and practiced early in nursing education and emphasized in all clinical practice settings



When assessing a patient's lung sounds, a client presents with whistling, high-pitched bronchus sounds. The nurse will document what kind of adventitious lung sounds.

What is wheezing?


The number one way to prevent the spread of infection

What is hand hygiene? 


A patient is postop total knee replacement. The nurse will ambulate the patient frequently and apply SCDs when in bed to prevent. 

What is DVT?


A nurse is completing an 8-hr I&O record for a client who consumed 4 oz juice, 6 oz tea, a 100 mL cup full of ice chips, an IV bolus of 150 mL, and 8 oz broth. The nurse should record how many mL of intake on the client’s record?

What is 740 mL?

When caring for a client that requests pain medication, the priority action by the nurse is

What is perform pain assessment?


When assessing the client's abdomen, the nurse follows what specific sequence.

What is inspect, auscultate, palpate, and percuss? 


The first chain in the chain of infection is

What is an Infectious Agent?


A nurse is providing preoperative teaching by demonstrating diaphragmatic breathing to a client who is scheduled for surgery in the morning. This will help prevent

What is atelectasis?


What is pneumonia? 


A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving heparin 3,800 units subcutaneous daily. Available is heparin 5,000 units/mL. How many mL should the nurse administer?

What is 0.80 mL?


A terminally ill patient is experiencing altered nutrition. Nursing interventions include

What is to encourage the patient to eat small, frequent meals of preferred foods? Never force patients to eat.


A nurse is assessing a client's cranial nerves as part of a neurological examination. She checks the pupillary response to light. Which cranial nerve is she assessing?

What is cranial nerve III?


A serious infection occurs when germs enter the bloodstream through a catheter (tube) that healthcare providers often place in a large vein in the neck, chest, or groin to give medication or fluids or to collect blood for medical tests.

What is central-line associated bloodstream infection?


A nurse caring for a client who has a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, orthostatic hypotension, and an order for furosemide. The nurse recognizes that one of the patient's nursing diagnosis should be.

What is At Risk for Falls?


A client is prescribed 1 g potassium phosphate IV to be infused continuously over 6 hr. Available is 1 g potassium phosphate in 250 mL dextrose 5% water (D5W). The nurse should set the IV pump to run at how many mL/hr?

What is 42 ml/hr?


A postoperative patient is found drinking cranberry juice during hourly rounding. The doctor prescribed her a _____diet. 

What is a clear liquid diet?


The nurse uses what specific part of an instrument to assess the carotid artery?

What is the bell of the stethoscope? 

Measles, chickenpox (varicella), disseminated herpes zoster, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, rubeola are examples of what kind of isolation precaution?

What is airborne precautions?


To ensure needle safety, once a medication is administered via IM, SQ, or transdermal, the priority action by the nurse is to

What is engage safety mechanism? 

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