Context Clues
Main Idea
Text Structure
Even though John had a good job and a nice family, he yearned for more. Yearned most likely means.. a. accepted b. appreciated c. craved d. learned
What is theme? What question do you ask to find the theme in literature?
The lesson learned. The overall message of the story. You find the theme by asking "What did the characters learn in the story?"
There are several events that can change the Earth's surface very quickly. Volcanoes can erupt and spread lava, rock and ash for several miles. Earthquakes can leave large cracks in the Earth's surface. What is the main idea? a. Several events can change the Earth's surface. b. Earthquakes can cause large cracks. c. Volcanoes can be dangerous.
a. Several events can change the Earth's surface.
Daniel Sullivan was the first to notice the flames coming from the O’Leary barn at around 8:30 pm on October 8. A problem with the alarm box made it impossible for the people in the area to call for the fire department. By 9:30 pm, the entire block was blazing. In another 3 hours, there were fires all over Chicago. The heavy wind coming from the lake only made the fire bigger. It would be another day before the fire would be completely out. By that time, 17,500 buildings had been burned. What is the text structure?
Chronological Order

Kensington International School is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. (fact or opinion) Kensington International School has the best students and teachers in the entire district! (fact or opinion)

1. Fact 2. Opinion

Kevin thought that it was a great injustice that girls could wear earrings in the school while the boys could not. Injustice most likely means... a. promise b. unfairness c. acceptance d. problem
One day, Ms. Barthelette told the class they would get extra recess if EVERYONE completed their homework on time. If one person forgot their homework, the whole class would stay inside to read. Unfortunately, one student forgot his homework. A group of children decided to do his homework for him so that Ms. Barthelette wouldn't find out and they would still get recess! However, Courtney and Erin felt like the class was cheating and decided to tell Ms. Barthelette what was going on. Ms. Barthelette only let two children have recess that day--Courtney and Erin.
Honestly is the best policy
Floods can cause tremendous damage. They can ruin houses, roads and buildings. Floods can take down trees and cause mudslides. It often leaves mud, sand and debris behind. It can take months to clean up after a flood. What is the main idea? a. Floods can cause a lot of damage. b. Floods cause mudslides. c. Floods damage houses and roads.
a. floods can cause a lot of damage
Wild chimpanzees are rapidly disappearing. Some people are trying to solve this problem. Otherwise, chimpanzees may one day exist only in zoos. People are trying to save the rain forests and woodlands where the chimps live from being cut down. It will take many people working together to solve this problem. What is the text structure?
Problem and Solution

My little sister and her fluffy dog slowly went over the bridge. Identify the Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Verbs, and Prepositions.

Nouns- sister, dog, bridge. Adjectives- little, fluffy Adverb- slowly Pronoun- Her Verb- went Preposition- over

Since professional athletes have to stay in peak physical shape, most athletes seldom eat junk food. Seldom most likely means.. a. never b. often c. rarely d. a lot
What is rarely
The St. Pats boys basketball team walked into the gym for their championship game. As they glanced down the court, they spotted the team they would be playing. "Psh," one boy said. "Look how short and little they are!" Another boy commented and said "They don't even have uniforms that match!" Finally, another child shouted "You call THOSE basketball shoes!" The boys started to laugh. Finally the game started. It turns out, even though the boys were short, they were really fast! The final score of the game was 55-2. Guess what team won? The ones with the short players, mismatch uniforms, and ugly shoes!
Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover.--Don't judge something until you get to know it.
School doesn't always have to be boring. Sometimes there are fun games you can play, such as jeopardy and around the world. Also, the teachers are usually very nice. Sometimes they give you extra recess! During school, you get to spend time with your friends and learn new things! So next time you dread going to school, remember, it can be a good experience! What is the main idea?
Main idea- School can be fun
To a small child, the ocean and the pond seem very much the same. However, there are important differences to point out. To begin with, a pond is a very small body of water. The ocean covers more than half of the earth’s surface. Ponds are very shallow, but the ocean is several thousand miles deep in most places. Some green pond plants are rooted in mud on the floor of a pond. Because of the ocean’s depth, the sunlight can’t reach the ocean’s floor, hence no green plants grow there. Ponds contain fresh water, which means there is no salt content. The ocean, though, is the largest body of salt water on earth. While they are both bodies of water, there are clearly major differences between the ocean and a pond. What is the text structure?
The entire class worked really hard to get the "Reader Of the Day" award. When the award was given to Lana, the whole class cheered and gave her a high five. Sam, on the other hand, rolled his eyes and said "no big deal!" What is a character trait of Sam?
Possible Character Trait- Jealous, rude, inconsiderate.
The rays from the rising sun shined splendidly through our kitchen window. Splendidly most likely means.. a. beautifully b. loudly c. brightly d. gracefully
Jim studied all week for his big exam. When his friends asked him to hang out, he politely declined their invitation to study. When he was asked to play at recess, he chose to look over his math flash cards. He made sure to get plenty of sleep the night before and ate a healthy breakfast. When it was time to take the big test, Jim got Advanced! What is the theme of this story?
Hard work pays off
Goose bumps are interesting. They make me shiver. But they disappear as soon as I cover up with a jacket or sweater. When the temperature drops below 45 degrees, my skin crinkles into goose bumps. Some people get goose bumps from fear. I get little bumps on my skin. They look like sesame seeds. Aren't goose bumps interesting? What is the main idea?
Goosebumps are interesting
Headaches can have several causes. Many people think that the major cause of headache is nervous tension, but there is strong evidence that suggests diet and environment as possible factors. Some people get headaches because they are dependent on caffeine. Other people may be allergic to salt, or they may have low blood sugar. Still other people are allergic to household chemicals including polishes, waxes, bug killers, and paint. If they can manage to avoid these substances, their headaches tend to go away. When a person has recurring headaches, it is worthwhile to look for the underlying cause, especially if the result of that search is freedom from pain. What is the text structure?

Ms. Barthelette- (shouting) NO RECESS. (walks to door) Class- (rolling their eyes) But Ms. B we worked so hard this morning! Ms. B- (sighs) I guess your right... Class- (stands up, cheering) Thank you, Ms. B! (runs to line up) In a play, the _____________ are used to show what the characters do and how they say certain lines. They do not actually say these out loud.

Stage Directions

Even when the team lost in the championship, Jaquan maintained his dignity, holding his head up high as he marched off the basketball court. Dignity most likely means... a. brave b. anger c. cool d. pride
The students at Mosier Elementary School got a new student from China that didn't speak any English. At recess, everyone was playing tag, except her. Students would run near her and stick their tongue out at her and try to make her talk even though she didn't know any English. She sat alone at lunch, and kids stole her food and threw little pieces of paper at her. Finally, Grace couldn't take it any longer. Even though her friends were making fun of the new girl, she knew it was wrong. The next day, Grace drew a picture for the new girl, taught her how to swing on the swings, sat with her at lunch, and even taught her to said "Hi" in English. Grace's friends got mad at her for doing this, but the new girl really appreciated it and Grace felt good for doing the right thing.
Stand up for what you believe in Kindness Do what is Right Right vs. Wrong Good vs. Evil
Harry Houdini was born in Hungary in 1874 and moved to Wisconsin when he was four years old. As a young boy, he became captivated by magic when he saw a magician perform. Harry directed his energy to becoming a magician, but some of his first shows were a flop. After five years he almost gave it up. But the “needle trick changed all that. In this trick he swallowed needles and thread and coughed them back up with all the needles threaded through their eyes. Harry was on his way up! Harry went on to perform amazing stunts and tricks including in 1910 escaping out of the mouth of a cannon just before it blew up. No wonder Harry Houdini became a household name. Harry Houdini died on Halloween in 1926. What is the main idea?
Harry Houdini was a great magician.
Icebergs—giant blocks of ice that float in the sea—come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are deep blue or green. Some look like floating sculptures. Old icebergs that have been worn down by the weather sometimes look like pillars of ice. Usually, only about one-fifth of an iceberg appears above the surface of the water. The other four-fifths of the “berg” is hidden underwater, out of sight. Sometimes, an iceberg has what is called a “foot,” an extension completely underwater. These are especially dangerous for ships. It was an iceberg “foot” that sank the Titanic in 1912, killing 1,503 people. What is the text structure?

1. What are synonyms? What are antonyms? 2. What is a simile? What is a metaphor? 3. What is a homophone?

Synonym- two words with the same meanings Antonym- two words with opposite meanings Simile- comparing two things using "like" or "as" Metaphor- comparing two things NOT using like or as. Homophone- Two words that sound alike, but have different meanings and maybe different spelling. (I, eye)