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In the beginning of Chapter 1, Suds fell off the monkey bars, cried, and hurt this body part

His thumb


At the end of Chapter 5, why does Zippernose leave a mousetrap on Suds' pillow?

She's making fun of him for being a rat


In Chapter 10, what ways did Suds show he was a rat? (Name 1 way)

took Twinkies from kids, pushed kids off swings, laughed in silent reading and got detention, trashed his room, said no to his mom


What does the word "shudder" mean?

"How'd it taste?" I shuddered at the thought. He made a face. "Terrible."

to tremble or shake suddenly


What does the word "shrivel" mean?

"After a couple months, you should be shriveled down to the size of, oh, a frog."

to become smaller


What does rampage mean?

Why I had waited until so late in life to have my first rampage? Joey was right. Angels finish last.

angry or destructive behavior


What was Suds eating during lunchtime that Joey made fun of him for?

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich


In Chapter 6, what made Joey look like a man to everyone at school?

Getting stung by a bee and not crying

What is different about Joey in Chapter 11? (Name 1 thing)
His headband is gone, his tattoos are washed off, he doesn't stink, he's eating a PB&J sandwich

What does the word "situation" mean?

And that's the situation Joey and me walked into after school. We were going to powwow at the swings, but two little kids were already there.

The circumstances someone can find themselves in


What does the word "hoist" mean?

"Hoist away!"...I was off the ground. I hung there for a couple seconds, then he let me down.

to lift up


What does the word bawl mean?

She laughed and screamed and bawled herself blue. 

to cry loudly


What did Gerald Willis kick down the hall after smacking Suds' lunchbox?

An apple


In Chapter 7, how did Joey trash his room? (Name 1 way)

Dumping garbage, sticking gum on mirrors, leaving drawers open


In at the end of Chapter 12, how did Suds get down from the tree?

His parents came with a ladder and got him down


What does the word "plunk" mean?

He lifted one of the first-graders out of his tire, plunked him on the ground, and sat in the tire himself.

To put down or throw heavily


What does the word "agony" mean?

Next to a car door slamming on your hand, probably the most painful thing in the world. Major agony.

great pain


What does shenanigan mean?

"It was his mother who was sick. Sick of his shenanigans."

a mischievous prank 


What were the two toys Suds was playing with in the bath?

Tugboat and a dinosaur


In Chapter 8, who started tickling Suds feet as he was hanging off the roof?



In Chapter 13, what are the two things that Suds does to make him look like a real man?

1) Confesses what he's done to his mom

2) Apologizes for his actions


What does the word "feisty" mean?

I realized she may have looked feisty, but she was scared.

touchy or quick-tempered, easily angered, sassy


What does the word "looney" mean?

He grinned. "Pain." If I didn't already know he was looney, I knew it now.

act crazy or strange


What does patience mean?

But her patience ran out, that was it. Curtains for Joey the rat. 

to calmly put up with trouble


What was Mrs. Morton (Suds' mom) serving to the kids when she was yelling at Zippernose?

Mashed Potatoes


In Chapter 9, when and where did Suds start to act out?

In the lunchroom during school


In Chapter 14, what is Suds' dad doing that make Suds realize that being a man doesn't mean "be a rat"?

Watching E.T. and crying


What does the word "imitation" mean?

She puckered her mouth and raised her upper lip, baring her two front teeth. I had to admit, it was a good imitation. "Rat--rat--rat."

the act of copying someone or something


What does the word "traitor" mean?

"I told her not to call people so late." I shoved him. "Traitor."

someone disloyal


What does dumbfounded mean?

She shook her head. She was dumbfounded. "I'm afraid if there's anything else."

to confuse or astonish

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