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T.V. friends
Ways to harm a friendship
Conversation Station

Be a detective. How does she feel? Why?

She might feel sad. She feels left out. She wants attention from her mom.


Someone says something that hurts your feelings.

Tell them how I feel, walk away, take a break.

Batman's sidekick.
Who is Robin

Spreading ........ to others

Rumors, gossip, or secrets


Your teacher gets a new hair cut and you think it looks nice - what do you do?

Tell her it looks nice. You can say "Wow Ms. M did you get a hair cut? It looks very nice!"


How does he feel? Why?

He is frustrated. He is having a hard time with his homework. He should ask for help!


Your friend says that you hurt their feelings.

Say you are sorry and not do that again. 


Mario and ........

Who is Luigi


Another word for yelling, arguing, disagreeing...



Some kids in your class are planning a vacation. What can you ask them?

Ask them questions like "Where are you going?" and "How long will you be away?"


A good detective observes people to try and figure out what they are doing, how they feel, and what they are going to do next. What should you look at to figure out how someone feels?

Their facial expression and body language.


I like dogs but my friend hates dogs. Do I stop being her friend?

No, everyone has different interests. It is important to be able to accept others for their differences, that's what makes us all unique and special! 


This is a group of superhero friends.

Who are The Avengers


Only discussing one's own _______ can end a conversation.

Interests, hobbies, problems, or opinions


Your friend asks if you like his new glasses, but you think they are not nice. What can you say that is kind to your friend? 

You politely compliment them and keep negative opinions to yourself.


What does it mean to put yourself in someone else's shoes? 

It means to imagine you are in their position and imagine how you would feel. It means try to understand how someone else feels


My friend wants to play a different game, but I want to play tag.

Use my words to come to an agreement. Maybe today we can play that game, and play my game tomorrow. 


Toy story friends-Buzz Lightyear and 

Who are Buzz Lightyear and Woody


J_ DG _ _ _ your friend.



You notice your friend is crying, what do you do?

You comfort them by asking if they are okay...


Why is it important to understand how someone feels?

You need to understand how someone feels so you can respond the right way. This can show that you care and are a good friend. Example: If someone is mad- they might need you to give them space. If someone is frustrated- they might need your help. If someone is sad- they might need a hug or want to talk to you


Georgia fell over and Stacey laughed at her. Georgia did not speak to Stacey all day, and Stacey did not understand why she was being ignored. Why might Georgia be upset? What might Stacey be thinking?

Georgia could be upset because her friend laughed at her instead of asking to see if she was okay, or helping her to go to the school nurse. She might have felt embarrassed being laughed at.

Stacey may not have realized Georgia was injured and may not have laughed if she knew it would upset Georgia.


This is Spongebob's best friend in "Spongebob Squarepants"

Who is Patrick


B _ L _ Y _ _ _ or being mean to your friend.



You notice a classmate is playing by themselves at recess, what do you do?

Invite them to join your activity/ask if they want to play with you/join their activity

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