Positive Statements

What does a good friend do? 

- Friends help an encourage one another 

- Friends take care of one another and show empathy 

- Friends have fun together and celebrate with one another 

- Friends share with one another and demonstrate generosity 


Is interrupting someone a kind thing to do? 

No, interrupting someone is not a kind thing to do


What is respect? 

To treat people kindly and build meaningful friendships. 


Is this a positive or negative statement: Today is going to be a great day!


What are different types of manipulating behaviors? 

- Giving someone the silent treatment 

-Forcing a friend a friend to pick sides in a disagreement 

- Trying to stop two people from being friends 

- Relaying gossip/rumors about someone

- Saying something rude or name calling behind someones back 

- Name calling or rude statements that could hurt their feelings to their face 


How can you build friendship? 

- Be yourself

- Let them teach you about their interests

-Remember things about their lives

- Share about your own life

-Stay positive!


What are some ways to show kindness? 

- Just listen to a friend 

- Forgive someone for a mistake

- Invite someone to join you 

- Help someone having a tough day 

- Do an extra chore


Why is respect important? 

It is important to be respectful to others because if you want people to respect you, then you need to respect others. 


Is this a positive or negative statement?: I am not good at anything. 



Is perspective taking important? Why or why not? 

- Yes it is important because it helps us build meaningful friendships by relating and understanding.

- It also helps us build empathy towards others.  

- It helps us step into another's shoes, feel what another human being is feeling, and understand the world from their point of view. 


What is friendship bullying and what do you think it looks like? 

- Not allowing someone to join a group 

- Leaving someone out of a group 

- Refusing to share with friends 

- Laughing AT someone 

- Eye rolling 

- Refusing to sit next to someone because they don't like them


What are the five truths about kindness? 

1. How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you. 

2. You'll never regret being kind 

3. Kindness is contagious. It inspires others to be kind too. 

4. Kindness is a sign of strength, not weakness 

5. Nobody is kind all the time. We all mess up. Apologize and work to do better next time. 


How can you show respect? 

- Always tell the truth 

- Be interested in what others have to say 

- Offer to help others when you can 

- Hold doors for people 


Is this a positive or negative statement?: Why should I care about this? 



Name 1 thing you think makes a good friend 



___________ is the name of the word which describes how we can tell the difference between types of friends.

Boundaries - When we know our boundaries well, we can tell the difference between strangers and acquaintances, acquaintances and friends, friends and family, etc.


Tell me how you can be kind in this situation.. 

- I am shooting hoops on one end of the gym and you're on the other side of the gym playing a game with friends. I shoot the ball and make the basket, but the ball ends up on your end of the court in the middle of your game. What would be a kind thing to do? 

Toss the ball back to me


Show me an example of having respect for someone



Is this a positive or negative statement?: I'm choosing to have an amazing day



Do you consider yourself to be a good friend? Why? 


Name two different reasons why friendship is important.
Any combination of the following: Sense of belonging; Less stress, more happiness; Improved self-worth; Helps you cope with bad events; or Encourages good behaviours.

What would be a kind thing to do in this situation...

We are all playing soccer on the soccer field. There is another kid sitting alone on the bench. What would be a kind thing to do?

- Ask the kid if they would like to join our game 

- Say hi to them and make conversation


What happens if we do not show respect to others? 

They may not be nice to you in the future. 


Is this a positive or negative statement?: I am trying my best. 


Let's share a joke 


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