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Good Friends?
Do's & Don't's

What sport does Grace play?



True or False: Good friends only listen to each other when the feel like it. 

False: Good friends ALWAYS listen to each other, not just when they interested in the conversation. 

True or False: You should only negotiate with someone if you can get everything you want.
False: Sometimes it's necessary to compromise and 'meet in the middle' with someone, otherwise they might just stop negotiating with you altogether - and then you won't get anything you want!
True or False: When you make a mistake, you should honestly admit to having done it and apologize for it, if necessary.
True - If you do then people will know you take responsibility for your actions, and they will then trust you more because you're honest and show that you learn from your mistakes.
True or False: There's nothing wrong with being too polite.
True - While not everyone cares about politeness, it will impress those who do, and it's better to get into the habit of being polite for those cases where it really does matter (job interview, anyone?).

What is Amanda's favorite movie/character?



Being thoughtfulness means that you are A) an active listener or B) only ever thinking about yourself?

A) An active listener - You must pay attention to what other people have to say in order to be thoughtful towards them later on.

A true friend will A) try to convince you to do something you don't want, or B) be sensitive to your wants and needs.
B) Be sensitive to your wants and needs - A true friend should make you feel comfortable when you hang out, not make you feel pressured to do things you aren't sure about.
When first becoming friends with someone, you should share A) your likes, dislikes, goals, etc., or B) your SIN and bank account information.
A) Your likes, dislikes, goals, etc. - Even friends shouldn't normally know private information that doesn't effect them, but they should be able to get to know your personality and passions.
Despite what some people say, manners A) really don't matter anymore, or B) can still go a long way to help you make new friends.
B) Still go a long way in making new friends - More people than not won't want to be around you if you're rude, so your chances of meeting cool new friends are way higher if you just put a little effort into minding your manners.

What is Karly's favorite color?



If something is going to hurt our friends feelings, we should ______ it. 

We should think it, not say it! We don't want to hurt our friends feelings. 

When somebody says the same thing over and over again, but doesn't really mean it, we can say that they're like the: A) Boy who cried foul B) Boy who cried wolf C) Girl who cried wolf D) Girl who cried foul
B) Boy who cried wolf - Think what you want of the saying, but we didn't make it up, now we just use it when we can!
Which of these is an example of bad hygiene? A) Taking a shower B) Washing your hands C) Never brushing your teeth D) Putting on deordorant
C) Never brushing your teeth - If you didn't, you would have to see the dentist pretty darn soon, and I doubt pretty would be the right word for it!
Which of the following is NOT bad manners: A) Making loud noises B) Burping C) Sharing with others D) Hitting someone
C) Sharing with others - Sharing is caring, after all.

What sport does Brianna enjoy?



What does friendship mean?

Friendship is when you enjoy hanging out, talking to, and being with another person who has similar interests as you.

When we feel like we can't _____ somebody, we start not to believe what they say, and come to not rely on what they do either.
Trust - Once that's broken, it can be hard to repair a friendship, unless that person really tries to make up for it!

Since Brianna and Karly both like _______, they have a similar interest that can help them connect to each other.  

Soccer; Bri and Karly both like soccer! 

While it's important to have a sense of ______, you should be careful not to make too mean of jokes, or laugh at something insensitive directed towards someone else.
Humour - But the better of a friend you are with somebody, the more you should be able to laugh with and sometimes even at each other.

How can we make more friends?

Joining clubs, being on teams, or even talking to a classmate to see if you have anything in common.

What are the 'magic words' that are normally a very important part of taking responsibility for an action?
I'm sorry!
Explain why good hygiene is important, even if you don't feel like you have a lot of friends.
Basically, because even strangers will notice if you have bad hygiene and react negatively to you, and you never know when one of those strangers might want to offer you a job or have to sit next to you in class.

Amanda and Grace go to the same school and are both 17 years-old. How can they become better friends?

Talking to each other, asking each other what they likes to do and finding common interests to share together.


Describe an example of how you practice good manners during zoom and in school?

The right answer here is up to the discretion of the facilitator, so good luck!

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