This is when this year's midterm election ballots start arriving

What is this week, or approx. October 21? 

Get them in asap! November 8 is the last day to get your ballot in. By voting early, it takes your name off of the campaign call and mail lists too, saving our preferred candidates money!


These decisions MUST include ESPs

What are decisions that impact ESP jobs?

Section 4.8.2 - ESP members shall be afforded opportunities to participate in shared decision-making (SDM) and staff meetings, when the topics apply to their jobs. 


This is available if you work longer on certain days and want to be compensated with time off

What is comp time? 

(Compensatory time can be stored up for a max of 2 pay periods. See section 10.1 and 10.6 for details)


You need this to access exclusive discounts and deals

What is having a NEA Member Benefits profile

(It takes 30 seconds! Go to NEAMB.com)

This new language ensures ESPs have updated resources and technology

What is section 4.9? This ensures furniture, and updated equipment, technology and software. Also space for rest breaks, restroom and parking


This is what candidates are asked about before they are endorsed:

What is public education? WEA-PAC endorsements are based on how candidates will support public education...including professional compensation for ESPs! 

We are supporting Kristine Reeves, Jamila Taylor and Claire Wilson in the Federal Way area


This conversation can be requested by the employee if there is more work than hours in the day

What is workload prioritization conversation between ESP and Admin? Sec. 9.13 "...reach a shared understanding of work priorities and what work can reasonably be accomplished within the regular work hours" 


This is who makes the decision to take comp time or overtime

Who is The Fabulous FWEA ESP themselves? 

The choice for overtime or comp time is yours. See section 10.1 for more details.


This is one of the discounts you have access to

What is travel, car rental or car purchase, cell phone bill, Costco membership, appliance purchasing, grocery delivery, insurance, Disneyland and more


This happens if there is a covid para or unfilled 'sub required' ESP absence

$25 per day for ESPs covering health room. $25 per day for up to 2 ESPs taking on work of ESP absence. (HR still has not finalized the exact process for how these moneys will be distributed)


This FWEA ESP is starring on a flier to all educators in the 30th Legislative District!

Who is Sara Peranza-Rowe!!!! 

We need to make sure we get out the vote! The legislature will be voting on critical education funding this year...so lets elect education supporters!


This is a professional opportunity that occurs on early releases (and other times) for ESPs

What is Professional Learning Communities? (FWEA ESPs are some of the only ESPs to have PLCs!) Let's make sure each ESP is able to access their PLC.

This is the compensation for ESPs on jury duty

What is current hourly salary and benefits?

See 12.6 for more details

This is already in your name

What is a $1000 NEA Member Benefit life insurance policy? 

(Take 30 seconds to name your beneficiary!)


District must give Office Managers this much advance notice before sending correspondence to families, when at all possible

What is 48 hours


This is how you can find out who educators have interviewed and endorsed

What is the personalized voter guide? 

(FYI when candidates are interviewed, they are asked about professional compensation for ESPs!)


These are positions ESPs can be elected to

What is Executive Board, WEA-Representative Assembly, NEA Representative Assembly, Puget Sound Uniserv Delegate


If ESPs drive their own car for a building or district meeting/errand, this happens

What is ESPs must have their milage reimbursed, Sec. 24.1


SAVI does this

What is navigates the student loan forgiveness process? 

SAVI is free for all NEA members


These hours are given to buildings to fund work at peak times

What are overload hours. 4000 hours were divided up for sites. All ESPs have access to them "ESPs and building admin will meet prior to the year to determine equitable distribution of overload hours"


If the legislature fixes the compensation funding model, this will happen for FWEA ESPs

What is returning to the bargaining table? 

(We would be heading back to the table to renegotiate the salary schedule for next year's 23-24 school year)


This FWEA ESP team will help ESPs navigate compensation and workload starting this year

What is the ESP Compensation and Workload team! Add your name to be trained and be ready to help other ESPs be compensated for all their valuable time and labor


ESPs are paid to attend this

What is Professional Development? This is in section 23.2 and 23.3, the request form in appendix D

Check out high quality, ESP-specific PD on WEA's website!!


When thinking about retirement, this is a free service availible

What is a retirement and financial planner.

ESPs can meet 1:1 with a financial planner or attend a seminar, at all stages of their career


If you have an incidence of covid, this is how many paid days ESPs have available

What is 5 days per incidence of covid, up to 10 days per year?

You must email a positive rapid or PCR test to Jen Hymer in HR. She will update Frontline for all staff.