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ESPs Run our Schools
Site Discipline and Safety

This 7.5 hours occurs in January 

The Workload relief day. Section 7.3 lists our contracted days. As of our last bargain, there is no documentation required for this 7.5 hours of this paid workload relief


Every October, each school receives these

Section 9.10: Schools receive overload hours, according to the student FTE formula, to deal with peak workload. Overload house will be recorded on a timesheet and forwarded to HR. There are 3000 overload hours across the district.


The CBA says this about English Language and/or Special Ed services 

Equity and Access:  The District and Association believe that students who receive special education and English Language (EL) services must be provided ample support, service, and space.  Recognizing the need for differentiated learning experiences for these learners, the district will actively include staff members from these areas in the creation, adoption, and implementation of new curriculum and programs.

This person should be on site during the school day

Section 9.1B1: A principal or supervisor or designee will be on site during working house in order to provide assistance and support in discipline cases and promote site safety. The parties believe that administrative presence on site is important.

This NEA program gave Jeremy $1600 off his car

What is NEA Member Benefits


The CBA contains 2 hours for this mandatory training every year

Section 7.6: What is special education training, including 504s, basic IEP administration and IEP participation, and disciplining students receiving IEP services 


We have bargained that ESPs no longer cover this space

The healthroom. Section 9.14 "the district will provide staffing to allow fill health room coverage during the student day at all comprehensive schools. Coverage will be provided, in combination, by school nurses and school nurse assistants 


PLCs do this with the pacing guides

"PLCs will review the provided pacing calendars on an ongoing basis and make adjustments to them based on the needs of the students, with the expectation that all standards will be covered."


SLT, PBIS or other structure will review this multiple times a year to ensure effectiveness

The site discipline plan, as per 9.1C5 "multiple times each year, sites, using the SLT, PBIS team or other structure will review the effectiveness and implementation of their site discipline plan to determine if revisions need to be made to increase the successful functioning of the school"


This state-wide gathering of educators occurs every spring, and is the highest decision making body in the WEA

What is the WEA Representative Assembly. This year is in April, in Spokane Washington 


FWEA Members do this in the case of inclement weather

When schools are announced as delayed by 1 or 2 hours, staff will report to work as soon as safety allows but no later than thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled student time. The staff member will be solely responsible for evaluating the safety of travel conditions on these days. (the ESP language is even better!)


Hours worked on a Saturday are paid at this rate

Section 10.3 one and one-half times the employee's hourly rate


The CBA says this about flexibility in curriculum implementation 

Flexibility of Delivery– The district and association agree that curriculum will be designed in a manner that supports and encourages staff members to make meaningful decisions that enhance learning in regards to pacing, enrichment, teaching strategies, and other relevant aspects of curriculum implementation.

The role of curriculum is to provide all district staff with a roadmap to the “what” they are to teach. It is mutually understood that students are entitled access to all standards and will have equal opportunity to learn. Curriculum provides common standards, learning targets, assessments, and materials and allows for differentiation of learning according to the needs of each student and the complexity of the text/task, and for the ability for staff members to use flexibility and creativity in their approach and practice time for student learning success.


It is both state law and contract language to do this

The removal of a student whose behavior disrupts the teaching and educational process. Prior to removing the student, except in emergencies, interventions will have been tried. A re-entry meeting must occur before the student returns.

Michelle Hayes was selected for this prestigious award 

The 2019 WEA ESP of the Year!


This is an example of progressive discipline 

Section 3.3 Due Process: "The parties believe that good communications and clear expectations can resolve many staff behavior issues prior to the imposition of formal discipline.  To the extent practical, given the circumstances, administrators are encouraged to attempt to resolve these behavioral issues through pre-disciplinary strategies which may include oral or written clarification of expectation, verbal warnings, and/or letter of direction."


Each new ESP will likely qualify for this

A trained ESP mentor, when requested. The mentor program is explained in section 23.4.  Mentors are paid $25.00 per hour up to 8 hours.


Name one thing the CBA takes into account about pacing

The curriculum and pacing guide will take into account district and state assessments, relationship building, school community events, emergent events, district programs or initiatives, and other important occurrences.


If a threat to the school or members occurs, this is supposed to happen

Affected staff members will be notified about threats to the school or members of the school community in a timely manner, within legal parameters. Every effort will be made to notify staff before parents and students.

The names of our WEA President and WEA Vice President

WEA President Larry Delaney, and WEA Vice President is Janie White. Janie is our first ESP and first African American Vice President!


This is supposed to happen every time when a Special education teacher is called by administration to help with an emergent situation 

Sec 12.2 "Special Education teachers, excepting early childhood teachers, will be compensated by time sheet on a per occurrence basis at the per diem rate when they are called by administration during their planning period or duty free lunchtime to deal with emergent situations.  Every occurrence will be verified by an incident report and compensated at a minimum of fifteen (15) minute increments"


An employee who is requested to use their own vehicle for district business qualifies for this

Section 24.1: mileage reimbursement, in accordance with board policy 


This is the place educators can add input and suggestions about the GVC

In Canvas, there are links to provide input and editing suggestions.


If there is a rumor of a dangerous weapon on campus, this should happen

Management will immediately and thoroughly investigate reports and rumors regarding dangerous weapons, and take prompt and reasonable action to protect staff, students and their property

Our WEA-PAC $2.25 per month, and $1.00 NEA Fund for Children and Public Education does this

Supports pro-public education candidates, education issues like lowering class size and fighting for professional compensation and student mental health. The NEA PAC contribution supports nation-wide work, and approximately 50% of the funds is sent back to state and local issues