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Resident Kennan calls the duty phone and tells you that they have bed bugs in their room. How do you respond?

Call CDOC who will determine next steps.


While going past Resident Priyanka's room, you notice a table from the lobby. How do you respond?

Inform Resident Priyanka of the policy and escort them to return the furniture. Write an IR.


Resident Nichole was just transported to the hospital unconscious, and their roommate, Resident Bre appears to be upset and worried about Resident Nichole. How do you respond?

Offer support and resources. Ensure Resident Bre will be safe and okay for the night, and contact CDOC with concerns about Resident Nichole specifically if needed. Be sure to include the impacted residents in the IR, and inform Resident Bre that someone may be reaching out to provide additional support and resources.


You confront Resident Natalia in their room on rounds after seeing them pour a glass of wine with their door open. You take Natalia's catcard. What are your next steps?

Ask Natalia to place alcohol in the middle of the room, escort to the restroom to pour remaining alcohol down sink, escort to dumpsters to dispose of any containers, and inform Natalia to take home any containers (like wine glasses).


You are in your room and the fire alarm sounds for the building. You are not on duty. How do you respond?

Knock on doors as you exit, announcing to residents where they should exit and evacuate. If safe, meet at your designated location to get a vest and location assignment.


Resident Ke'Waun calls the duty phone and states that one of the elevators is broken. How do you respond?

Go to the elevator to assess the situation. If there are residents trapped inside, call UAPD (and then CDOC).

If there are not residents inside: Determine if there is another elevator available that accesses all rooms. If there are other elevators available, tape doors with "Out of Order" signs on all floors and submit a maintenance request. If there is not another elevator available that accesses all rooms, call CDOC for permission to call out to KONE.


Toaster, kiddie pool, coffee maker, incense: Which of these items ARE allowed in a dorm, if any?

Coffee maker is allowed. Toasters, kiddie pools, and incense are not permitted in dorm rooms.


Resident Tim shares with you that they are experiencing suicidal ideation. How do you respond?

1- Offer support.

2- Call CDOC who will respond in person, contact CAPS, and determine other next steps.


Resident Nick, who is under 21, comes back after vacationing with their family and shows you their souvenir shot glasses from Germany. Is Nick violating a policy, and if so, which one?

Yes, Nick is violating the alcoholic beverages containers policy.

When are quiet hours? (Provide start and end times for weekends and weekdays)

11 PM-10 AM Sunday-Thursday

Midnight-10 AM Friday-Saturday


Resident Chuck's mom calls the duty phone and shares that they are worried about Chuck because Chuck is not answering their phone. What are your next steps?

1- Take down the parent's name, phone number, and a description of what they are requesting.

2- Let them know you will call a supervisor.

3- Call CDOC who will determine next steps.


On rounds, you notice that Resident Bryce has a poster of a politician on their door. How do you respond?

The door is the resident's property, and they are permitted to post posters of politicians. If the messaging is potentially a bias-related incident, call CDOC for consult. Bias incidents include conduct or behavior (verbal, nonverbal, or written) that is threatening, harassing, intimidating, discriminatory, or hostile based on a person's identity or group affiliation (including race, age, disability status, gender/gender identity/gender expression, national origin, or religion).


Resident Garrett shares with you that they believe they may have an eating disorder. How do you respond?

Offer support and resources. Assess the urgency of the situation (i.e. will they be okay for the night?). If urgent, contact CDOC. If not urgent, notify your supervisor.


Resident Dawn has a poster in their room that says "Miller Lite." Is Dawn violating a policy, and if so, which one?

No. Posters and items simply with logos about alcohol are not against policy.


Your resident, Sandy, lets you know that she would like to host her 14 year old sibling, Hannah, overnight next weekend and is wondering about the overnight guest policy. What are two (2) of the three (3) things you should tell Sandy?

1- Overnight is considered 3 AM- 7 AM.

2- Guests may stay in a room or living space no more than 3 nights in a 14-day period, and 12 days total a semester.

3- Sandy must register her 14 year old sibling Hannah, including a parent/guardian guest registration form, with the CD.


Resident Kayla calls the duty phone and shares with you that they just saw someone who appeared to be trying to open windows from the outside of the building. How do you respond?

For suspicious persons protocol: Contact UAPD and share identifying information, including a physical description of the person and description of the behavior. Then call CDOC.


While stopping by Resident Gloria's room, you see they have a space heater tucked under their bed. It is not plugged in and seems to be just stored there. Is Resident Gloria violating policy? Why or why not?

Yes, Resident Gloria is violating policy. Space heaters are strictly prohibited, even just for storage.


During a CatChat, your resident Ashley mentions that she was sexually assaulted while in high school. How do you respond?

1- Offer support and resources.

2- Call CDOC who will determine next steps.


Resident Matt is under 21 and came back from a night off-campus, where they drank alcohol. Matt showed up back at their dorm intoxicated, but does not have any alcohol containers on their person. Is Matt violating a policy, and why/why not?

Yes, Matt is violating the alcoholic beverages policy. The presence of alcohol in your body is considered possession of alcohol.


Your resident, Brandon, comes to your room and says their hallmate, Resident Mando, vomited in the hallway on the way to their room. How do you respond?

1- See if Resident Mando needs a medical evaluation (call 911 if so).

2- Call emergency maintenance/custodial to clean up bodily fluids (you do not need permission to call out for bodily fluids) and then call CDOC.

3- Write an IR.


Someone calls the duty phone and shares there is a bomb in the dorm. How do you respond?

1- Do not hang up.

2- Alert another staff member of what is happening & have that person call UAPD immediately.

3- Keep the caller on the line and ask specific questions: location, how many, or if there are bombs in other buildings. Listen carefully for background noises, the caller's voice, and exact words.

4- Inform UAPD immediately when they are no longer on the phone who will determine next steps.


You go by Resident Payton's room and see Resident Payton watching TV while petting a dog you have never seen before. How do you respond?

Call CDOC with the resident's name and room number. CDOC will determine if the animal has been approved to be in the dorms by the DRC and will inform you of next steps.


When asking your Resident Paige how their weekend went, they shared that they got into an argument with their roommate Danielle. Paige goes on to share that Danielle shoved Paige against the wall. Paige says Danielle apologized, and they feel safe in the room. How do you respond?

When you are made aware that another resident placed their hands on another, it is considered physical assault, and UAPD must be contacted immediately to proceed. Call CDOC for guidance and to inform them UAPD is on their way.


In a room of 2 residents, where Resident Luke is 22 years old and Resident Chris is 19 years old, Luke should make sure of these two (2) things if they want to have alcohol in their room...

1- Alcohol must be stored out of sight on Luke's side of the room.

2- Alcohol must not be consumed while Chris or anyone under 21 is in the room.


You are on rounds when you notice Residents Manny, Lydia, and Diamond playing poker in the lobby. How do you respond?

Inform them that gambling is not permitted in the residence halls and write an IR. 

The gambling policy states: "Playing cards for money and other forms of gambling are illegal as defined by Arizona Statute and are not permitted on the University of Arizona campus. Gambling includes -- but is not limited to -- betting on NCAA College Basketball tournaments and other sporting events; hosting a gaming tournament for profit."