Geographers of Japan
University's of Japan
Influencers of Japan Geography
War and postwar reestablishment
Human Geography

One of the first geographers of Japan who made a name for himself, he was also highly qualified in geology, Chinese classics, and was fluent in several western languages. 

what is Takuji Ogawa


When was the modern educational systems established?

What is 1872


What day founded the German East-Asiatic Society?

what is March 22 1873

what form of geography flourished in the 1930s because of the influence of Germany?

what is Geopolitics 

What restoration made it possible for Japan emerge out of its indigenous age? and what was the leading cause of this new era?

what is Meiji Restoration in 1868, and the return of the emperor to throne made this possible. 


A book that was created by Yamasaki and Sato that changed the way geographers looked at regional study in Japan. 

what is The Regional Geography of Great Japan. 


At the University of Tokyo this Geologist led the way for geologist, historians, and agriculture specialist. He was also a student at the same university before becoming the founder of the Department of Geology

what is Bunjiro Koto 


Who were the first two influencers of Geography that were invited by the Japan government to help Japan layout the foundation for the development of geography?

what is Benjamin Lyman (from the United States) & Edmund Naumann (from Germany) 


During the war this geographer created the Declaration of Japanese Geopolitics, He got most of his ideas from Haushofer's ideas but he did not like all of them so he modified it and made it into his own.   

what is Saneshige Komaki 


The Great Kanto earthquake in 1923 focused national attention on these specific geographic topics. 

what is Population census, topographic maps, and population geography. 


Which American Geographer influenced japan to look into land classifications, land use, water conservation, and development.

what is Edward Ackerman


The First professor of Geography in Japan was appointed in 1907?

Takuji Ogawa, at the University of Kyoto 


Glenn T. Trewartha was an American Geographer who specialized in the study of Japanese Geography. What book did he introduce that was later revised and was used for a main source Japanese geography into the 1940s?

what is A reconnaissance Geography of Japan. 


what program did the United states set up for Japan after the war, that way Japan can become more familiar with England, France, and west Germany. 

what is Fulbright Program


In the 1930s Japan was in a very fruitful period, what geography was emphasized?  

what Is Monographs In Geography

This geographer played a major role not only in providing trained geography teachers for the secondary schools but also in developing geography as a professional field requiring graduate training in the universities.

what is Naomasa Yamasaki 


This association was created in 1923, and was established in The Kyoto University and Japan then revised in 1925. till this day the association counties to be used today. 

what is Earth science Association


what was the most dominant European influence on Japanese geography, It exported the essence of Geopolitics into Japan. Most of the propoents were removed after the war.  

what is Germany


this Association was created after the war because of the association of Japanese Geographers, it was mainly to help western Japan and later it became nationwide scope. in 1948.  

what is Human Geography Association


who were som of the main contributors of economic geography In Japan, they were from a different country.

Alfred Hettner, H. Kunimatsu, T. Matsui, Wilhelm Windelband and Rickert


This Geographer observed modern Japanese and the studies of western methodology.

 what is Keiichi Takeuchi


This University was the first one in Japan to adapt a class/research on geomorphology. 

 what is Tokoya Bunrika University

Japanese have the highest rate of geographers who graduate from there University, why is this?

what is because Geography in Japan today is still one of the most predigested degree to get and it is good in Japanese life because it shows their history about their country and how they became one of the strongest nations. 


After the war this geography became the most popular in Japan.

 what is Population Geography


All of these fields became more discreate in the 1950s.

 what is Cultural, industrial, and agriculture Geography

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