longitude and latitude
5 Themes of Geography
Tilt, Rotation & Revolution
Bodies of Water
In what direction does longitude run?
What is North to South

What is the acronym that one can use to help remember the 5 themes of geography?

What is MR HELP  (in the case of MR HELP it stands for Movement Region Human Environment Location & Place)

A day can also be defined as one full what?
What is rotation.
What landform has water on three sides?
What is a peninsula.

The Indian Ocean is in the Eastern or Western Hemisphere?

What is Eastern.

Terms such as northeast and southwest are best described formally as what:
What is Intermediate Directions

If one were to describe human beings wearing clothes they would be addressing which of the 5 themes?

What is human environment because humans decide their attire often times as adaptation to the climate conditions that they live in. OR Human characteristics because maybe we might be attempting to describe the characteristics of a given group by detailing their attire.

The earth is tilted at what angle?
What is approximately 23.4 degrees
What landform has a steep elevation and then a flat or leveled top?
What is a plateau.

What is the difference between lakes, seas, and oceans?

What is lakes are bodies of freshwater that are partially or completely surrounded by land, seas are bodies of saltwater that are partially or completely surrounded by land and oceans are bodies of saltwater that flow unrestricted.


Lines of latitude that run 23.5 north and 23.5 degrees south of the equator. Daily Double

What are the tropics of cancer and capricorn. 


List four types of regions that one can reside in:

What is: climate region, language region, religious region, landform region, ethnic region, economic region, political region, etc.

Revolution is responsible for what process?
What is the change of the seasons as the earth revolves around the sun.

Landforms can be explained under 3 themes of geography.

What is it might fall under place because it would describe the physical characteristics of a given place. What is region because it might describe a particular region of the world where a landform is most prevalent. What is location because we can give an absolute or relative location for specific landforms or landmarks.


All of the following are similar except? (choose the correct answer and then explain why) a. brooks b. creeks c. streams d. ponds e. rivers

What is ponds because ponds are enclosed bodies of water that generally don't flow all the others do.


Lines of longitude are called _______.

Lines of latitude are called ________.

What are meridians and parallels?


The Arab Spring would best be defined by which of the 5 themes of geography? Explain why this theme is most appropriate. Daily Double

What is Movement perhaps because as certain ideas and principles were spread they led to widespread insurrection in numerous countries in the Arab world. What is Region because it describes civil unrest that is concentrated in a particular region of the world. What is Place because if one attempted to describe the people their they could easily make mention of the fighting that exists or what ideas the people hold that are central to their identity. What is the northern most ocean?


If it is currently summer in North America is it summer also in South America? Explain why/why not.

What is it would not be summer in South America because if it is summer in North America it means that the northern hemisphere is receiving the most direct solar energy. This means that the southern hemisphere is receiving the least amount of solar energy and is therefore in winter.


Define an isthmus and name where one exists on earth.

What is a small strip of land that connects two larger pieces of land. Isthmus are in: Panama, Suez joining Egypt with Asia, one joins Gibraltar and Spain


List 5 seas that border the middle east.

What are the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, and Caspian Sea?


Which lines determine your time zone, how and why?

What is lines of longitude. These lines determine how far you are from the prime meridian thus explaining how far you are east or west; placing you in different time zones.


Grouped into a political region, a landform region, an agricultural region, or a cultural region

What is the 5th theme of geography-regions?


How does rotation and revolution affect our concepts of time? Daily Double

What is our concept of what constitutes a day or year is entirely based upon the completion of cycles of rotation and revolution. 

Define archipelago and list 5 that exist on earth
What is Hawaii, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Maldives, New Guinea, the Bahamas, the West Indies, Galapagos

3 Part Question What is the only river in the world that flows upstream meaning from the south northward? Where is it located and where does it begin and end?

What is the Nile River it is located in Africa and it begins at Lake Victoria in Tanzania and deposits into the Mediterranean Sea.

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