Time Basics
Elapsed Time
Volume and Mass
Greater Than or Less Than
Word Problems
You are eating breakfast and it is 7:35 _____.
What is AM?
Jenny rode her bike from 4:13 to 4:48. This is how long she rode her bike.
What is 35 minutes?
If you are measuring to the nearest fourth of a inch, how many parts are the inches cut into?
Four Parts
A baby pool is filled with water. Is the amount more than 1 liter, about 1 liter, or less than 1 liter?
More than 1 liter.
You would probably measure the mass of a gorilla with these units. gram or kilogram?
You are doing your homework and it is 4:45 _____.
What is PM?
Rob wanted to play with his Legos for 25 minutes. If he started playing at 3:09, this is the time he will be finished.
What is 3:34?
If you are measuring to the nearest half inch. How many parts is each inch cut into?
Two parts.
The mass of an eraser is _________ the mass of a paperclip.
greater than.
If a zucchini and a cucumber have the same mass, the balance scale will look like this.
Both sides would be balanced or leveled.
The hour hand is pointing between the 8 and 9. The minute hand is pointing two lines past the 5. This is the time.
What is 8:27?
McKenzie spent 22 minutes writing a paragraph for homework. She finished writing at 5:57 so this is the time she started.
What is 5:35?

If an eraser measures to be 1 3/4 inches. What whole number would you estimate it to be?

about 2 inches


The volume of a water bottle would be less than a liter, about 1 liter, or greater than a liter?

about a liter.

Krya has a small bucket that holds 3 liters of water and a large bucket that holds 5 liters of water. Altogether, how many liters do the buckets hold?
8 liters.
When you jump from number to number on a clock and count by 5, you are counting these.
What are minutes?
Carrie went shopping for a new pair of shoes. She picked out her new sneakers at 1:16 PM after trying on shoes for 23 minutes! This is the time she started trying on shoes.
What is 12:53 PM?
Ms. Reed measured the length of her pen. It was 7 1/4 inches long. This is the length of the pen to the nearest inch.
7 inches
The amount of juice in a Capri Sun pouch is _____________ one liter.
What is less than?
Rick's recipe calls for 25 grams of raisins and 40 grams of almonds. How many more grams of almonds than raisins does the recipe call for?
When you jump from number to number on a clock and count by 1, you are counting these.
What are hours?
Chris left to take his dog for a walk at 6:25 PM. He returned home after 26 minutes. He talked to his neighbor for 10 minutes before going back in his house. What time did Chris go inside.
What is 7:01PM?
Mrs. Mouse measured the height of her coffee cup. It was right in the middle between 5 and 6 on the ruler. This is how tall her coffee cup is.
What is 5 1/2 inches?
The amount of gas that will fill up your car is ____________ one liter.
What is more than?
FINAL CHALLENGE: Stephen has 28 teaspoons of lemon juice. He uses 5 teaspoons for each glass of lemonade he makes. He adds 2 teaspoons to every glass of iced tea he makes. Stephen made 4 glasses of lemonade. Does he have enough lemon juice to make 4 glasses of iced tea?
He has exactly enough lemon juice!