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This team switched from the N.L. to the A.L. in 2013, making them the first to switch leagues since the Brewers did it in 1998.

Who are the Houston Astros?


Leafy the Crimson Leaf was the mascot for this High School in Wisconsin that Brad Davison attended.

What is Maple Grove?


The team that Jackie Robinson played for in the Negro Leagues.

Who are the Kansas City Monarchs?


The Packers selected these two cornerbacks with their first two picks in the 2018 draft. 

Who are Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson?


The Bucks won their first and only championship in this year.

What is 1971?


The Brewers are one of 6 teams to have never won a world series, name 3 others.

Who are the Tampa Bay Rays, Colorado Rockies, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, and Texas Rangers?


Davison finished as the second-leading scorer on the Badgers as a freshman. This 6'10 Forward led the team.

Who is Ethan Happ

This was the last player to wear the number 42 in major league baseball.

Who is Mariano Rivera?


In 2014, The Packers selected 3 players who would go on to be pro-bowlers or all-pros in their career. Name 2 of them.

Who is Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Davante Adams, or Jared Abbrederis? 


The Milwaukee Bucks G-league affiliates were founded in 2017. Give me the team's name. 

What is the Herd?


These 3 players are the only remaining currently on the Brewers who made the All-star team in 2018. 

Who are Lorenzo Cain, Christian Yelich, and Josh Hader?


Davison tied his career-high point total and tied the school's three-point record against this team on February 15 against this BIG West Team. 

Who is Nebraska?


The year that the MLB officially retired Jackie's number for all teams.

What is 1997?


Jordan Love was the first offensive player the Packers selected with their first round pick since this offesnive tackle from Mississippi State in 2011.

Who is Derek Sherrod?

Giannis set a Bucks single-season record with Triple-Doubles this season, name how many he has so far.

What is 7?


American Family Field ranks 14th in Major League Baseball in terms of capacity. Guess the official capacity of the stadium. 

What is 41,900?


Jake Wieneke attended the same high school as Davison; he played football and was a practice squad member for this NFC North team in 2018.

Who are the Minnesota Vikings?


Jackie won the MVP award in 1949, leading the league in Average and Stolen Bases, name how many stolen bases he has.

What was 37?


Bart Starr was taken in this round of the 1956 Draft.

What is the 17th round?


The Buck's mascot Bango was origninally coined by longtime play-by-play announcer Eddie Doucette who used the phrase whenever a player did this in a game.

What is hit a 3?


The Brewers played one year in this city under a different name before moving to Milwaukee in 1970, name the team's name and city.

Who are the Seattle Pilots?


Davison currently has 1,363 career points for Wisconsin; if he scores 169 pts this season, he'll break into the top 10 in Wisconsin history, passing this former BIG conference first-team player. 

Who is Mike Wilkinson?


While serving in the army, Jackie was stationed with, and became friends with this heavyweight boxing champion.

Who is Joe Louis


The Packers have drafted 39 total players from Wisconsin in their history. Name the last one they selected.

Who is Vince Biegel?


The Bucks have retired the numbers of 3 players who also have their jersey retired for different franchises. Kareem Abdul Jabar is one and Oscar Robinson is the other, name the third.

Who is Bob Lanier?

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