sentences 1
sentences 2

What is wrong here? the dog went to the park yesterday.

What is "The"


When do you put in a semicolon?

What is connects 2 closely related independent clauses


What rule is misused here? The Pastor will be gone next Sunday

What is Do not capitalize a title used in place of a persons name


Find the error. Yesterday i went to the mall with my friends 

What is "I"


Find the error. The English did not have to leave england for their language to gain new work

What is " England" 


What is wrong here? the man went to the store. he was the Pastor of the church.

What is "The", "He", "pastor"


Where is the error? Would you pick me up at 4 from Kyle's house, Dad?

What is no error


What rule is misused here? The Mountains rise majestically above the Grassy plains.

What is you do not capitalize geographical nouns unless it is part of a proper noun


Find the error. The " Great Army" of vikings from denmark was the first to come. 

What is " Vikings", " Denmark".

As you are reading this entire sentence that I am writing i want you to look for and please find the mistake!

What is " I" , " ! " 


Find the error. Huge forces from denmark and from France invaded at two different times early in English history, bringing with them Foreign languages that would add many new words to English. 

What is " Denmark", " foreign"

Insert or take out punctuation's. Greek cultured and international was the ideal language for the spread of  the ideas, both of the Old Testament and New testament. 
What is insert comma after Greek, insert comma after international, take out comma after ideas

What rule is or isn't being followed here? On December 24, 2000 the twins were born.

What is If the date ends the sentence don't put a comma. In this case a comma would come after 2000 because it does not end the sentence.


Find the error. Things looked grim until 870 when a new King , Alfred the great, took the throne in wessex.

What is " king", " Great", and " Wessex"


Find the error. Imagine a letter( slightly modernized) from a member of the early church to a friend, written on June 5 61.

What is insert a comma after the parenthesis, after 5.


Find the error. Alfred recognized the English forces, and in 878, after a precarious winter on the isle of Athelney, he led them to a decisive victory over the Danes and their Chieftain, Guthram. 

What is " Isle", " Danes", "chieftain".


What rule is used or misused here? Rachel was born in San Diego, California and she moved when she was five to Kingsville Texas.

What is a comma after California, comma after Kingsville.


Find the error. But although Wessex and( eventually) the City of London Were saved, the vikings retained a large section of England that became known as the danelaw. 

What is " Wessex", " city", " were", " Vikings", " England" " Danelaw"