Hopefully Non-Stereotypical Villains
Who’s that OC?
Candy, candy everywhere.
This person invited themself!
What is going on in Katy’s brain? Because I wish I knew.

Who is the spiteful ex-friend of Fire who starts making rumors and makes scenes about Fire because she’s just getting too much attention?

Who is Nellie?


This isn’t Katy’s first OC on Gacha Club but it is her first ever kept OC, in fact- she’s kept this OC for quite some time and still has it to this day.

Who is Angel?


Who is the leader of the Candy Crew?

Who is Taffi?


Intentionally and then unintentionally, invited themselves to an enemies-to-lovers role play between Melanie the vampire and Alini the witch. Who is this?

Who is Mean Girl?


This goes through Katy’s head 99.99% of the time she does or even hears Math.

What is confused screaming? 


Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. This villain deals things his own way and goes out of his way to make it difficult for the heroes: Rai, Isani, and Aztel.

Who is The Dealer?


Katy’s first OC kept from a Music OC challenge, this OC was created by the song Trouble by Nonsens & Sweater Beats. And has a peppy, energetic personality and a love to perform. Who is this musical OC named, after a genre?

Who is Jazz?


In the delicious world of CandyLand, all the regions have specific names. What is the specific name of the Caramel Region, or where Camry lives?

What is Caramel Crumble?

So many of these critters automatically invite themselves to role plays, to probably maliciously bite the feet of unsuspecting role players?

What are sewer rats?


If you were to tell Katy there was a spider crawling onto her at all, anywhere. What’s her first instinct?

What is screming at the top of her lungs?


One of Katy’s role play buddies, frequently shipping himself with Kitty while Kitty plays along, as Katy and Isabella watch in confusion and/or adoration. This online friend played as Fern and switched over to this twist of a villain who stole everyone’s elemental jewelry, yet ended up getting K.O’d by the magic of friendship.

Who is Levi?


This metallic OC is the best friend of Fire and the programmed to be younger brother of Rien.

Who is Logan?


Ice cream Irrea is the best friend of these four creatures that live in his region.

What are the Ice-Cream Nekos?


“CALL AN AMBULANCE, IDIOTS.))” The last words spoken by someone mad that Snow and Dream were freaking out and had what they called ”Slow-Role playing skills” Now referred to as ”Dingus” in Snow’s memories. But who is this person who invited themself supposed to be in the role play stage?

Who is Dream’s ”Mom”?


Katy thinks of this OC when she hears the song: Oh No! by, Marina and the Diamonds.

Who is Simon?


Despite being deleted without knowing if he’ll be back or not, this villain to the Infinites OC alongside his 3 other siblings who lead shadows. He is also eventually getting a name change because of his accidental awkward name.

Who is Darier?


This large OC is known for his happy, innocent, no-harm intended personality. He’s also the close friend of Stellar.

Who is Fluri?


If you tread too far away from CandyLand, you might end up falling into this sticky substance.

What is molasses?


The first random to invite themself to a role play was the first day of a long-term role play Katy took part of, but this random is now nowhere to be found.

Who is Mayura White?


What song has taken over Katy’s brain temporarily, as she tries to figure out why in the world Apple Music’s lyrics aren’t lining up with the song lyrics?

What is Echo?


Played Queen Ghanda for a day, who is the role player behind the scenes of the Queen?

Who is Lemon?


This OC being the sorcerer cousin of a demon named, Stacy. As a sideway, don‘t put it past this OC to snatch something if you have something powerful, or something he desires and needs.

Who is Morgin?


Peppermint Pam has a secret, it’s not dark and it’s not awkward. But a secret twin sister. What is the mint, and the name of this sister?

Who is Spearmint Sheri?

One of the better interruptions came from this spaced-out deity who tried to help Dream free Snow from Queen Ghanda’s curse. Unfortunately, Snow crashed mid-save.

Who is Galuxis?

As she was making this question, what was going on in Katy’s head?

What is I don’t know what to put here so I’m gonna put something here? (Or. What is I don’t know anymore?)