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When were residuals established by the guilds and for what purpose?

When is 1960 and what is compensation for reuse

Residuals - Established out of the 1960 joint writers and actors strike, the regular payments provide a steady income to many in Hollywood where work is not assured and there are gaps between projects.

Residuals are compensation paid for the reuse of a credited writer's work. When you receive credit on produced Guild covered material, you are entitled to compensation if the material is reused. It is important to understand that the compensation is for reuse, and not the original use.


What was the average pay ratio between the salary of a CEO and the salary of their average employee back during the first dual writers and actors strike?

How much is 20:1

When the writers and actors struck in 1960, top executives made a mere fraction of what they do today and only about 20 times the pay of the typical worker. According to a 2022 study from EPI, CEO pay increased 1,460 percent from 1978 to 2021.


Which is the most recent, highly publicized, merger between two talent agencies and list the top 3 (including the merged agency)

Who is CAA +ICM = CAA 




How much is the current guild minimum per week for an Article 14 Writer? 

And how much was Ryan Murphy's record-breaking deal with Netflix?

How much is $7,412 and $300M

The current guild minimum for a TV writer-producer is $7,412 per week. 

On a network show, the median writer-producer works between 35-40 weeks, for a total of $259,420 to $296,480, if that writer is paid minimum.


The last time actors and writers joined in a strike together was?

When is 1960






What was the amount of the proposed pay cut that media mogul Barry Diller suggested that top earning actor and executives take?

How much is 25% 

Media mogul Barry Diller suggested that Hollywood's top-earning actors and executives take a 25 percent pay cut as he warns of a devastating collapse for the industry if the SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strikes are not settled soon.


How often do talent agents get a producer or production company credit on one of their client's projects?

What is 



How much does a writer-producer usually earn for a 60-min TV script and a 30-min TV Script?

How much is $41,773 and $28,403

At current rates, a writer-producer on most TV shows earns a minimum of $41,773 for each 60-minute script, or $28,403 for each 30-minute script. 

Those fees would need to increase 11% in order to match the buying power of the script fees in 2019-20.


What is the typical annual salary increases in weekly minimums for WGA members when they renew their contract every 3 years? 

How much is 2% to 3%

The WGA last updated its contract minimums in 2020, just before inflation soared to its highest levels in 40 years. The contract provided annual increases in weekly minimums of 1.5%, 2.5% and 2.25%.

The WGA has already indicated that it is seeking well above the standard 2%-3% annual raises. That should come as no surprise — unions across the country are negotiating first-year wage increases on the order of 5%-7%, the highest in decades, according to an analysis by Bloomberg Law.


What is a guild signatory?

What is a company authorized to hire and engage of the services of guild talent

Producers or studios wishing to employ guild members on their productions must become authorized by such guilds to employ their members...this is known as becoming a "guild signatory." As such, they are required to pay employees no less than the guild minimum fees (set out in the applicable guild agreement) and to meet other guild requirements, including remitting pension, health, and welfare payments to the applicable guild on behalf of the talent.


Which media conglomerate CEO made the most from 2018 to 2022


Over $1.4 billion was raked in by Hollywood executives in 2021, up a startling 50 percent from 2018. Topping that list is Warner Bros Discovery chief David Zaslav, who made over $498 million from 2018 to 2022.


What regulatory body or organization regulates the fees that talent managers charge their clients?

Who is 



How much do less experienced feature writers generally make and how much do more established feature writers generally make?

How much is $75K to $100k and $150K to $600K

First-time feature writers can generally bring in between $75,000 to $100,000; more established scribes earn anywhere from $150,000 to $600,000, with some top-end outliers seeing $1 million to $2 million.


How much of a wage increase has SAG-AFTRA requested?

How much is 11% 

SAG-AFTRA has sought an 11% hike in minimums across the board, citing the income-eroding effects of inflation. AMPTP in its statement noted that it had agreed to 11% pay increase for job categories on the lower end of the pay scale, namely background actors, stand-ins and photo doubles.


What were the two issues that DGA agreed on with the AMPTP regarding use of AI 

In the deal, the DGA came to two conclusions with AMPTP. Firstly, “duties performed by DGA members must be assigned to a person”, which AI is not. 

Secondly, any employee’s use of AI for creative elements must first be run by the director or other DGA employees. 


By what percentage did CEO pay increase from 1978 to 2021

How much is: 1,460 percent

According to a 2022 study from EPI, CEO pay increased 1,460 percent from 1978 to 2021.


What amount is the customary "deferred fee" or commission an entertainment attorney or entertainment law firm charges their talent clients?

What is 



How much are mainstream actors making now in TV and how much are well-known stars making

How much is $40k and $250K

While many actors are looking at up to $40,000 an episode, a well-known star could fetch $250,000 to $300,000 an episode for a network show’s first year. At the streamers, true A-listers can score $500,000 an episode and up.


Name at least 4 categories of work authorized during the strike under the SAG -AFTRA Network TV Code 

What is 

Variety Shows 

Game Shows 

Reality Shows 

Talk Shows 

Award Shows 

Soap Operas

Documentaries (not for theatrical distribution) 


When was the last WGA strike and what did it cost California's economy in lost income?

When was 2007-2008

The last time there was a writers strike, in 2007-2008, work stopped for 100 days and cost $2.1 billion to California’s economy alone


The amount of French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault potential stake in CAA?

How much is $7B


What organization represents the talent agencies

Who is:

the ASSOCIATION OF TALENT AGENCIES (ATA), which is a nonprofit trade union comprised of companies engaged in the talent-agency business.


The average starting salaries for agent-trainees that make it out of the mailroom and average salaries for agent partners  

How much is $65,000 to $75,000 for agent trainees and $400k to $600k for agent partners 

For those who make it out of the mail room, starting salaries are around $65,000 to $75,000, while base partner pay can hit $400,000 to $600,000. In 2021, Ari Emanuel’s base salary was $4 million, with a target bonus of $6 million. (Not to mention the $293.7 million in equity awards he received following Endeavor’s IPO.)


What are overall deals and how are they related to the strike? 

What is a guaranteed overhead commitment from a studio to a writer/producer that has been suspended or terminated as a result of a labor dispute like the WGA strike

In an overall deal, writers/producers must exclusively develop all of their material under the network/studio they have a contract with. The company engaging talent under an overall deal pays a large some of money for this type of exclusivity.