Injury Prevention
Safety Promotion
Preventing Violence
Resolving Conflicts
Consumer Health
Where are two places people commonly fall in the home?
Stairs, bathtubs, showers, floors with spills or cluttered with objects, unstable chairs, boxes used for standing or reaching to high places
How does Occupational Safety and Health Administration protect American workers from injury?
Setting standards for industrial safety, ensuring the standards are met, and providing education about safety procedures.
What is violence?
Actions or words that hurt people or things people care about.
Name a good way to control anger
3 advantages of being a wise consumer?
protecting and improving health, saving money, increasing self-confidence
What are two fire safety devices that can help if a fire starts in a home?
Smoke detector and fire extinguisher
2 ways employees can reduce injuries on the job.
What is get the necessary rest to be alert on the job, follow all safety procedures, learn to use equipment properly, wear required protective clothing or devices.
What are some different kinds of violence and of conflict?
violence in media, family violence, random violent acts, gang violence
How can you help others avoid fights?
Don't encourage the fight by watching it, let people know it's cool to walk a way from a fight, give respect to someone strong enough to apologize, be a mediator
3 rights consumers have
Right to safety, right to be informed, right to choose, right to be heard, consumer education
For what kind of fires should a fire extinguisher be used?
the kind of small fires that the symbols on the extinguisher show.
What is survival floating?
a techinque that helps people who are in danger of drowning in warm water to conserve energy while they wait to be rescued.
How often does violence happen among people of different races?
Not too often. Most violence happens among people of the same race.
Three steps for resolving a conflich
First talk with the person alone, remain calm and explain your feelings, avoid insults, focus on your feelings rather than the person's actions (I statements), say I'm sorry if you hurt the other person
What is medical quackery
The promotion (selling) of medical products or services that are unproved or worthless
Two actions that can prevent poisoning
What is medicines and liquids in original containers, kept out of the reach of children, not running vehicles in a closed garage, products with fumes in fresh air or outdoors, poison control numbers handy
When and where is it safe to dive in water?
When a person knows the water depth is safe and where there are no rocks, floating objects, or other swimmers
Which age group has the highest number of crime victims?
12- to 24-year-old
What is a mediator?
Someone who helps people who disagree to talk reasonably
Name two ways you can judge products?
read the list of ingredients and to check with a doctor or respected agency
Electrical shock is?
a flow of electrical current through the body that can burn or kill.
What should a person wear during a sports activity?
proper protective equipment that is recommended or required
Name four groups that are affected by violence
victims, friends and relatives of the victims, people who commit the violence, witnesses, and all citizens, because they pay the cost.
Name three things communities are doing to fight crime
Neighborhood Crime Watch programs, planning night time activities for young people, lighting nighttime hangouts, teen curfews, police watch, block homes
What agencies can help consumers
Better Business Bureau, Food and Drug Administration, Consumer Reports
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