Power in relationships & skills
Healthy vs, Unhealthy Relationships
Mental health

Identify two stressors faced by youth.

family, school, culture, community, media, relationships, friendships, pressures, expectations


When do you use FCIS?

Active listening


List two points on how to respond assertively.

say what the problem is, what you would like to see happen, try to maintain friendship while stating what you want, calm, take emotion out of the situation, respect right of you and the other person, face the person, speak clearly, use open posture, be confident


How does drug use/abuse impact loved ones personal lives and well being?

embarrassment, financially, stress, loss of trust, poor communication, isolation, worry, stealing, legal problems, missing classes, poor grades, suspension, motivation, violence, abuse, reputation, fired, risk taking, lower self esteem, injury, illness, depression, mental health issues, physical health


Give 3 examples of how power can be abused and misused in a relationship?

controlling a partner or friend, 

racism, violence, dating violence, psychological violence, sexual assault, bullying, sexual harassment, less opportunity for people who aren't in the position of power


Describe 3 characteristics of a healthy relationship.

smiling, positive body language, holding hands, friendly appearance, look happy, look accepting, proud, supportive, laughter, encouraging comments. tone of voice, respectful language, safe, trust, caring, comfortable, independence, thoughtful, be yourself, secure, happy


Two factors to consider when breaking up or ending a relatinonship.

honesty, face to face, tell them first, tell them in private, consider safety


Two things you could say or do to support someone struggling with mental health. 

I'm here for you


take the friend to an adult

help them seek help


Identify 3 ways to cope with stress or anger.

walk, count to ten, deep breaths, remove yourself from the situation, write, talk to someone


Why is it important to know other skills besides refusal when boundaries are being pushed?

to give yourself time to make the right decision for you, sometimes saying no doesn't work, you need another way to avoid pressure situations, sometimes when in a situation where there is a lot of pressure you need other alternatives


Describe 3 characteristics of a unhealthy relationship.

mean looks, pushing, grabbing, yelling, violence, exclusion, anger, rebelling, jealousy, crying, disrespect, name calling, threats, arguing, confusion, pain, sadness, frustration, loneliness, 


What are two guidelines for making an apology.

be sincere, tell the person why you are sorry, tell them how you will correct the situation, use a serious tone of voice


How can you practice mindfulness?

ignore worries, focus in the moment by thinking about senses taste, touch , smell, hear, see


What are some strategies you can use to avoid having boundaries pushed?

negotiation, delay, refusal

Identify 3 warning signs of dating violence?

jealousy, controlling behaviour, spending less time with friends and family, stop doing activities because partner doesn't like them, partner makes fun of person to hurt them, threats, expects constant contact, pushing , hitting, insults


What does FICS Stand for?

face the person

Ignore distractions




When worried about a friends mental health at what point do you need to involve an adult even if your friend doesn't want you to?

If worried about their safety at all an adult needs to be involved


Two things you should not say or do when supporting a friend.

don't judge/criticize, don't minimize the issue or make light of it, 


List 3 factors that can cause mental health problems?

genetics, hormonal, ongoing stress, traumatic event, ongoing abuse, low self esteem, unhealthy relationships, drug and alcohol abuse

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