Conversation Brainstorming
Social Skills
What Would You Do?
Social Scenarios

Name three conversation topics that are of interest to you.

This will be different for everyone!


Why is it important to talk to people about things they are interested in?

So they feel like you want to get to know them & care about them/what they are interested in.

What should you do if you have questions about college but do not know where to start?


Kevin’s teacher, Mr. Madison, allows students to eat snacks in the classroom as long as they stay on task. Today Mr. Madison is sick, so the class has a substitute teacher. Kevin is eating his apple when the substitute walks up to him and says sarcastically, “I didn’t know it was snack time”. What is the substitute thinking? How does Kevin feel? What should Kevin do?

The substitute might be thinking that Kevin is being disrespectful/not following rules. Kevin might be embarrassed or frustrated. He could explain that Mr. Madison allows them to snack if they are on task but if the substitute won't allow it - Kevin should put his snack away.


Your dad/mom just got home from work. What are two questions you could ask him/her?


1. How was your day at work?

2. What are you working on right now?


Why do we give compliments?

To make other people feel good & let them know we're thinking nice things about them.

What should you do if your computer shuts down during a class zoom meeting?

Eli and his friends like to skate in the Safeway parking lot. One day the manager comes out to talk to them and tells them they need to go somewhere else. Eli’s friend Trevor tells the manager they can skate wherever they want. Eli doesn’t think this is true. 

How does Eli feel? How does the manager feel? What is the manager thinking? What should Eli do?

Eli is probably embarrassed, worried, concerned, etc.

The manager is probably frustrated, angry, etc. He/she might be thinking that he needs to the next step to get the kids to stop skating there.

Eli should try to persuade his friends to skate elsewhere OR not skate with them anymore in that parking lot.


Your mom asks you what you did at school today. Think of three things you could say to her.

1. What you did during lunch

2. Pick a class - what activity did you do or what did you work on.

3. Pick a 2nd class. What activity did you do or what did you work on.


Why is it helpful to interpret facial expressions and body language?

Nonverbal language (facial expressions & body language) can help us figure out how a person feels and what their message is.


What would you do if someone called you to say you’d won some money, and asked for your bank details to transfer the money to?


Sam is very shy. He has been friends with Gavin since 6th grade. They are still friends, but they go to different schools. Sam goes to Gavin’s 16th birthday party. He does not know anyone at the party except Gavin. Everyone is talking about people that Sam doesn’t know. How does Sam feel? What is Sam thinking? How does Gavin feel? What should Sam do?

Sam might feel left out & not sure what to talk about.

Gavin might feel like he needs to hang by Sam since he doesn't know anyone or introduce him to new friends.

Sam could introduce himself and try to ask questions about Gavin's other friends to get to know them.


You volunteer at a nursing home. The woman you visit is 86. Think of three topics you could talk about with her at your next visit.

1. Ask about her family.

2. What books or tv shows does she like?

3. What did she do as a career before retirement?


What is a compromise? Why is it a good idea to compromise? Describe a situation in your life that required compromise.

To compromise is to make a deal between different parties where each party gives up part of their demand. In arguments, compromise is a concept of finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms—often involving variations from an original goal or desires.


What would you do if you didn’t think you were going to pass your final exams?


Carson is enrolled in 3 AP classes this year. He spends hours doing his homework every night and does not go to sleep until midnight at the earliest. Carson just had a test in two of his AP classes. He thought he prepared for them well. On Thursday, he gets his tests back. On one test, he got a 62%. On the other test he got a 70%. How does Carson feel? What is Carson thinking? What should Carson do?

Carson might feel disappointed, sad, frustrated, defeated, etc.

He might be in disbelief if he felt he was prepared for the tests.

He might need to talk to the teacher about how he studies and what he could improve on. 


For a school project, you shadow your uncle at work. He works for Apple. What are three things you could ask him about his job?

1. What is your favorite part about the job?

2. Who else do you work with?

3. Explain what you do during the day.

And many more...


What skills do you think are important to have while at work?


What would you do if you had an exam to study for, but you also had a gymnastics assessment the same week?


Brian gets very nervous interacting with people he doesn’t know well. In the cafeteria, he doesn’t talk very much. The group he sits with seems nice, but he never knows what to talk about with them. Today Aria is sitting across from Brian at the table. She talks about a movie Brian has never seen. He doesn’t know what to say next. Aria is looking at him. What is Brian thinking? How does Brian feel? What should Brian do?

Brian might be thinking that he doesn't know what to say, he doesn't want to be rude, he can't think of anything to ask. He might feel nervous or anxious.

Brian could tell Aria he hasn't seen the movie and ask what other movies she likes.

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