Civil Rights Movement
The Cold War
American Distrust

This supreme court decision established that "separate but equal" is fact not equal, and therefor made segregation in school unconstitutional

Brown vs Board of Education


What affect did the Cold War have on the Civil Rights Movement in the United States

The competition on the world stage was judge on quality of life rather than imperialist power. You can't make a good claim that you have a superior system to the USSR have you are segregated at home. 


What was the "Saturday Night Massacre"

Nixon orders the Justice Department to fire the special investigator looking into the Watergate scandal, and multiple people resign until Nixon finds one that will do the job.


While I was the governor of Alabama, I stood in the doorway of the University of Alabama to try and prevent integration. 

Who am I?

George Wallace


This 13 day period is probably the closest that the United States has come to nuclear war

Cuban Missile Crisis


"The Plumbers" describe a group of people under Nixon that does what?

Go after Nixon's enemies 

-This level of corruption is what allows for something like Watergate to happen, and trust in the American government continues to erode  


I signed the Voting Right Act into law

Lyndon Johnson 

- Don't forget the 1964 election where Barry Goldwater wins the deep south.


This was the name of the first satellite in space 

Sputnik - A USSR satellite


What did the Pentagon Papers tell us about the Vietnam War?

That people in Congress and the Pentagon knew it was an unwinnable war


How does technology fuel victory in the Civil Rights Movement

Television helped broadcast these issues nationwide and appeal to people's empathy


What historical figure did the Viet Cong study that allowed them to find success in  the Vietnam War?

George Washington and the American Revolution

Ironic? Note the world power that US has become by this point


How does the "Southern Strategy" change politics in the United States

It contributes to aligning the republican party with the deep south. This also further divides the United States on racial lines

-This also lends itself to the "moral majority" that becomes the modern conservative movement


How does the Harlem Renaissance tie into both the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement  

"Jazz Ambassadors" Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie tour the world as part of US sponsored outreach. This promotes the image of integration both at home and abroad 


This incident that provoked the US entering into the Vietnam War probably didn't happen

The Gulf of Tonkin incident 

-Remember how the United States enters into the Spanish-American war AND the Mexican-American war


How does the draft play into American's distrust for the American government establishment

Sending Black Americans abroad to fight in a questionable war while still denying them rights at home is a bad look

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