People from the Holocaust
Forms of Zionism
Israel's History
History of the Holocaust

This person wrote the manifesto, Mein Kampf, and was known at one point for their mediocre artistic talents.

Who is Hitler.


This Zionism stressed the importance of political action and said that having political rights in the land of Israel was the first step to fulfilling Zionism.

a) Cultural Zionism

b) Political Zionism

c) Religious Zionism

What is Political Zionism


Who was the first Prime Minister of Israel?

a) Theodore Herzl

b) Golda Meir

c) David ben Gurion

Who is David ben Gurion


What is the date range typically used to describe the years of the Holocaust? (Note: This is NOT the same as the years used to describe the dates of WWII)

a) 1933-1945

b) 1939-1944

c) 1941-1945

What is 1941–1945


What is the Hebrew word for moving to Israel? Making _____.

What is making aliyah.


This person hid during the Holocaust in the city of Amsterdam. They had relatives survive but they did not.

Who is Anne Frank


This Zionism envisioned a Jewish working class that settled the land through agriculture and built a morally equal and progressive society

a) Revisionist Zionism

b) Reform Zionism

c) Labor Zionism

What is Labor Zionism


What was the name of the 1917 Declaration made by Great Britain, calling for the creation of a national home for the Jewish people in their historic homeland?

a) The Balfour Declaration

b) The Heschel Declaration

c) The Israel Declaration

What is the Balfour Declaration


What was the name of the deadliest concentration camp?



What was the name of the boat that got turned around and sent back to Europe after trying to enter Cuba and the U.S.?

What is the MS St. Louis


This person won the Nobel-Prize for writing. They went to Auschwitz but survived. Their story lives on in the pages of their many books.

Who is Elie Wiesel.


This Zionism envisioned who the New Jew should be and what the Jewish state should and should not do.

a) Cultural Zionism

b) Revisionist Zionism

c) Labor Zionism

What is Revisionist Zionism.


What was the name of the group that met in Switzerland to discuss the creation of a Jewish state?

a) The World Zionist Congress

b) The Zionists of the World

c) Zionists United

What is the World Zionist Congress


In the early 1920s Hitler tries to stage a coup in this German city, but gets arrested and sent to prison where he writes his infamous manifesto, Mein Kamf.

a) Berlin

b) Munich

c) Hamburg

What is Munich


What was the German name for the Night of Broken Glass? (And/Or Can you tell me what happened on that night?)

What is Kristallnacht. This was a pogrom against Jews where windows were smashed on Jewish buildings and synagogues. Many places were burned to the ground.


This person was originally from Italy. They were a chemist by training. He worked in a rubber factory during his time in Auschwitz and this helped him to survive.

Who is Primo Levi


This Zionism wanted a return to the Jewish homeland for heavenly and national redemption. 

a) Religious Zionism

b) Reform Zionism

c) Cultural Zionism

What is Religious Zionism


In what year did Israel become a State (an official country)?



Which of the following stages was considered the 3rd of the 6 stages leading to the Holocaust (the order below has been scrambled): 

Isolation, Definition, Mass Murder, Ghettoization, Emigration, Deportation

What is Emigration


What did the 1939 British White Paper restrict?

What is Immigration to Israel


Must answer both: How many Jews, and how many people overall died in the Holocaust?

6 million Jews, 11 million other people = 17 million people in total.


This type of Zionism strives to make the State of Israel a true inheritor of the prophetic tradition of the Jewish people: a nation devoted to pursuing justice and creating a complete world.

a) Reform Zionism

b) Cultural Zionism

c) Christian Zionism

What is Reform Zionism


What was the name of the War that occurred right after Israel was declared a state?

What is the War of Independence


What was the name of the Treaty that ended WWI and led to many consequences for Germany?

What is the Treaty of Versailles 


What city is the Israeli Shinshinit, Nicole From?

What is Tzfat?

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