Unit 1 -- Community
Unit 1 -- Mapping and Boston
Unit 1 Vocabulary (Map Features)
Unit 2 Legacy of Conquest and Exploration
What is the definition of "ubuntu"?
Ubuntu means "a person is a person through other people"
Name the seven regions of the world (according to the textbook).
US and Canada, Latin America, Europe and Russia, Africa, Southwest and Central Asia, Monsoon Asia, and Oceania and Antarctica
True or false: a map's cardinal directions help us understand a map's orientation
True: a map's orientation tells us the directionality of a map (whether "up" is north, south, east or west)
Define primary source and secondary source, give an example of each
Primary source = document/object created during the time period being studied (ex. letter, journal entry, etc.) Secondary source = document/object created AFTER the time period being studied (ex. textbook)
What are the three of our year-long essential questions for Humanities?
Is geography destiny? How does geography shape who we are? How do we shape geography? How does geography help us understand our world?
Name three types of thematic maps
Population density, political, topographical/physical features, climate, transportation, vegetation
After the prime meridien, the next most important meridien of longitude (which is on the other side of the world) is known as
the International Date Line
Fill in the blanks: Explorers first started to sail around the world or _______________ it because they were seeking an alternative route from the _______________ to reach the _________________ so they could make more profits.
circumnavigate Silk Road Spice Islands
If a community is not made up of friends, what is it built of?
A community is built of people who feel they are part of something bigger...like a shared goal
What is the difference between ABSOLUTE location and RELATIVE location?
absolute location describes a precise location (coordinates on a map), and relative location describes the location of one place compared to another
Because the _____________ is tied to climate, even though it's imaginary, this is something "true" about maps.
the Equator
When TaĆ­nos and Spaniards began trading they started what was known as the _________________. Give an example of something only the "New World" had before, and something only the "Old World" had (label your answer)
the Columbian Exchange Old World = pigs, cows, horses, chickens/eggs, sugar, bananas New World = chocolate, potato, tomato, beans, corn
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