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Math problems like 1+1 are a piece of cake. What does this mean?

very easy or simple


I was trying to keep the party a secret but Sam let the cat out of the bag. What does this mean?

tell a secret or spoil a surprise

She received a phone call out of the blue from an old friend. What does this mean?

something happening without warning, all of a sudden, or unexpected


I didn't go to work today as I was feeling a bit under the weather. What does this mean?

not feeling well or feeling ill/sick


There was something that I needed to do today but it totally slipped my mind. What does this mean?

 forgot something


You can't buy a new i-phone because it costs an arm and a leg. What does this mean?

something that is expensive or costs a lot of money


It's time to go and you're not even dressed. You need to step on it. What does this mean?

hurry up, move faster


I'm glad we see eye to eye on the project's details. What does this mean?

you agree on something or see things the same way


Child: "I might wake up early and clean my room tomorrow."

Mom: "Yes, you'll do that when pigs fly."

What does this mean?

it's never going to happen or something that seems impossible or unlikely


Hold your horses! We haven't won yet, so don't start celebrating. What does this mean?

wait a minute or to be patient


He found himself in hot water for lying to his parents. What does this mean?

in trouble


My brother is such a couch potato. All he does is watch TV all day long. What does this mean?

being lazy or laying around all the time without doing anything


I'm getting tired now. Let's call it a day. What does this mean?

 it's time to stop, quit or leave


Everyone on the plane was all ears when the pilot said we had to make an emergency landing. What does this mean?

 someone is really listening or paying attention


A little birdie told me that you've been throwing away your carrots every day at lunch. What does this mean?

someone told me information but I'm not going to say who it was


I was going to try bungee jumping but I got cold feet. What does this mean?

to be nervous or afraid to do something


I didn't have time for breakfast this morning. I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. What does this mean?

extremely hungry and could eat a lot of food


Danny's family told him to break a leg right before he went up on stage. What does this mean?

wishing someone good luck before a performance


My dad is a night owl and often doesn't go to bed until after midnight. What does this mean?

someone that stays up late


Once a month my friends and I get together to pig out on pizza and watch a movie. What does this mean?

eating a lot at one time, usually food that isn't good for you


My sister failed her driver's license test and I'll be in the same boat if I don't practice my parking skills.

be in the same situation


Stop pulling my leg. I know the dog didn't eat your homework. What does this mean?

playing a trick on me, fooling me, or teasing me


Tourists are worried that they'll get ripped off when they travel to another country. What does this mean?

they will get charged too much for something, or something is way too expensive


Dustin was always ready to go fishing at the drop of the hat.

without hesitating (waiting) or doing something right away


I got soaking wet when it started raining cats and dogs. What does this mean?

it's a downpour or raining really hard

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