Spanish-American War
World War I
World War I


What word means controlling a smaller, weaker nation. 

What is Imperialism. 


Name the three colonies acquired by the US at the end of the Spanish-American War. 

 Bonus: what year was the war?

What is Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Bonus:: 1898.


Name the causes of US entrance into World War I. *Points for each one correct

Sussex Pledge

Lusitania Sinking

Unrestricted submarine warfare

Ties to Great Britain

Zimmerman Telegram


Name the Treaty of Versailles terms. ***Bonus points for each one. 

Blamed Germany

Reparations paid by Germany

Army and Navy taken from Germany

Colonies taken from Germany

Europe's map redrawn


What construction by the US decreased the speed and cost of international trade?

What is the Panama Canal.


This group exaggerated news reports of the sinking of the USS Maine, causing the Spanish-American War to begin.

What are yellow journalists. 


Why did a stalemate develop along the Western front in World War I?

What is the use of machine guns and trenches.


Name the members of the Triple Entente / Allied Powers. (Must have all to get question correct).

Great Britain, France, Russia, United States. 


Name the policy that prevented a monopoly on trade in China.

What is the Open Door Policy.


What country became independent due to the Spanish-American War?

What is Cuba. 


What revealed a proposed military alliance between Germany and Mexico?

What is the Zimmerman Telegram.


Because the US was isolated after World War I, what group did the US reject participation in?

What is the League of Nations.


Name the reasons why the United States would want to acquire new territories? 

***Extra points for each correct answer

1. Access to raw materials/natural resources

2. Increased power

3. More territory and land

4. Spread US culture and religion through missionaries


Name the ship whose explosion caused the US entrance into the Spanish American War.

What is the USS Maine.


What law made it illegal to "print, write or publish any disloyal or abusive language"during WWI? Bonus: what right does this take away?

What is the Espionage and Sedition Act. 

Bonus: Freedom of speech


What was Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace after World War I named?

What is the Fourteen Points.  


What president was known for his "Big Stick" Policy? 

Who is Theodore Roosevelt. 


What policy gives the US the right to intervene in South and Central America and prevent Europe from taking control of those countries? 

What is the Roosevelt Corollary. 


What law allowed the US to enlarge its military?

What is the Selective Service Act.


This fight led to Germany's surrender in World War I.

What is the Battle of Argonne Forest.