Riddle Me This
If... Then...
Can You Infer
Using My Schema
Alex was in a hurry to get home to watch football. He was driving over the speed limit when suddenly, he heard a siren and saw flashing lights, "No! Please not now," he thought. What do you think is happening? How do you know?
A police officer is pulling him over and he will get a speeding ticket. He will probably miss part of the football game that he wanted to watch.
I am very sticky, but hard to see when dry. I go round and round across the page until I eventually run out. If you stick with me, in one piece you will be. What am I?
If I have a new classmate who came in the middle of the school year, I could infer that...
The new classmate feels nervous. The new classmate will make some new friends.
Erick's mom is having a birthday party this weekend. He wants to do something special for her. Erick knows that his mom always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. He turned on the computer and looked at the map. What is Erick doing? How do you know?
Erick is going to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon for his mom. Key words: mom always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. and he looked at the map.
The door opened automatically as I entered. I took a cart and head to the dairy section. I took milk and eggs and went straight to the cashier. Where am I? a) train station b) grocery store c) doctor's office d) cafeteria
grocery store
There is a big storm today and it's going to last until tomorrow. Jimmy is supposed to pick up his friend Lily from the airport. Jimmy's phone was ringing and saw Lily's name. He picked up the phone and said, "Okay. Just inform me when you're arriving. Take care and be safe." What do you think Lily told Jimmy? How do you know?
Lily's flight got delayed and she won't be arriving until later, after the storm passes.
I am not a magician, but I make things disappear. I come in all shapes and sizes, but am most often found in pink. I can be a writer's best friend. What am I?
If I keep eating junk food, I could infer that ...
I will not be very healthy. I will get sick. I will get cavities on my teeth. I will become overweight.
"Kenneth!" Mom called out as she opened the front door. "Please help me with my groceries. Kenneth!" mom called out. Still there was no reply. Mom walked into the kitchen and saw the shattered pieces from the window all over the floor and a baseball not far from there. Why do you think Kenneth was not answering to his mom? Why do you think so?
Kenneth accidentally broke a window while he was outside playing baseball. He's not answering because he doesn't want to get into trouble.
The front desk informed me that I am next. I took my purse and went inside the room. I told the man wearing a white coat that I've been coughing for 3 days now. Where am I? a) dentist b) doctor's office c) park d) home
b) doctor's office
Tia is starting to feel tired but she told herself she could do it. She only needs to over take one more person to win. "I can do this!" , she said and pedaled faster. What is Tia doing? Why do you think so?
Tia is in a biking or cycling race. Key words are "win" and "pedaled faster".
I come in pairs and am known to stink to high heavens at times. I can be laced and tied, or I can hang loose as a goose. I will help you chase your dreams or run for your life. What am I?
A pair of shoes.
If I saw on television that there is a storm coming, I could infer that ...
I might need to bring an umbrella tomorrow. I should wear my rainboots tomorrow. It will be cold, windy, and rainy.
Elizabeth was so proud of her garden. She planted the seeds early in the spring and watered the plants every morning. Last Friday, her mom called and asked her to come over for the weekend because she was feeling sick. When Elizabeth came back home, her plants were bent and drooping. Why were the plants drooping? How do you know?
She had not watered them for a few days, so the plants were not doing well.
My mom and I waited in line with the rest of the passengers. My mom handed the lady our tickets. The lady smiled at her and said, "Have a great flight!" Where am I? a) school b) bus stop c) train station d) airport
d) airport. key words: waiting in line, tickets, flight
Beep! Beep! It was raining hard and some of the drivers were losing their patience. "I wonder why there is so much traffic", Valerie thought. As she drove, she saw an ambulance and police cars. What is causing the traffic? How do you know?
There was a car accident and it is blocking some of the lanes in the road.
I am big and gray. I use mud to cool me down. I have a trunk but don't travel much. I knock down trees and I cannot reach the branches. What am I?
If I went to sleep late at night, I could infer that...
I will be very tired and sleepy the next day. I will accidentally oversleep and be late to school.
I pressed the button and after a few seconds the door opened. I stepped inside and pressed a button with the number 10 on it. The door closed. Then, I felt the floor was moving up. Where am I?
Splat! Splat! Splat! Everybody outside was using an umbrella. Though I don't like rain, I sill love the flowers it brings. I'm excited to pick the flowers once the rain stops. When is this? a) daytime/ spring b) daytime/ fall c) nighttime/ spring d) nighttime/ fall
a) daytime/ spring
Damien enjoys school but he thinks math is too difficult. He had a final test on Wednesday. Glen and his family went out to dinner on Friday. His family members kept telling him they are so proud of him. Why do you think they went out to dinner? How do you know?
Damien got a good grade on his math final test. His family members took him out to celebrate his good grades and congratulate him on studying hard.
I am big and green but not mean. I carry a torch for freedom. I can stand in water, but I cannot swim. People travel from miles around to visit me. What am I?
The statue of Liberty.
If I see a dog barking, I could infer that...
It sees a cat and wants to chase it. It sees a stranger and is warning them to stay away. It is excited to see me. It is asking for food or to go outside to play.
Dad and Anna were finishing up a project in the garage together. "Can we paint the roof red?" asked Anna. "Sure," said Dad. "Then when the paint dries we can find a place to hang it in the backyard." What do you think Dad and Anna are making? Why do you think so?
Dad and Anna are making a birdhouse.
Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! As I walk the street I was so amazed with what I am seeing -- yellow, orange, red, and brown. I've never seen colorful leaves on the ground before. When is this? a) spring b) fall c) summer d) winter