I had finally gotten used to being weightless. It became a comfortable feeling. I especially liked floating by the window to see the planet Earth below.

An Astronaut

My mom and I waited in line with the rest of the passengers. My mom handed the lady our tickets. The lady smiled at her and said, "Have a great flight!"

An airport

Grandma’s mouth dropped open. Her hands flew to her face.

Surprised/ Shocked

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! As I walk the street I was so amazed with what I am seeing -- yellow, orange, red, and brown. I've never seen colorful leaves on the ground before.


I am big and gray. I use mud to cool me down. I have a trunk but don't travel much. I knock down trees and I cannot reach the branches. What am I?

An elephant 

The person loves to work with kids. They have a vast knowledge of subject areas. Everyday this person prepares a new lesson.



Its so cold you can see your breath. Teams are running back and forth trying to get the ball. They tackle each other before getting the ball into the endzone.

A football game


Isaiah's grandmother could not believe her ears! When Miss Johnson told her how great Isaiah's day had been, she wanted to cry. She could only hope tomorrow would be just as great.

Surprised/ Excited

 Sam lay half in his dog house. He lifted his nose and sniffed the still air. The sky was changing from deep blue to yellow. Down the street, a rooster crowed. Sam yawned, got up, and stretched his long, black legs.

Early Morning




Daily Double:

I am big and green but not mean. I carry a torch for freedom. I can stand in water, but I cannot swim. People travel from miles around to visit me. What am I?

The Statue of Liberty


 She falls asleep in the sun. An odd noise makes her open an eye. It is only the mailman bringing the mail. She stretches her legs one at a time. Then she gets up to find a shady place to nap. Who knows, perhaps she will find a mouse!

A cat

I hear screaming. My stomach feels funny. Can you see my hair blowing? I’m feeling excited!

A ride at an amusement park

Akia was riding home in the car with her mom after school. She could barely keep her eyes open. Her mom was talking to her about her day and asking her questions, but she hardly heard anything she said. Before she knew it, she opened her eyes and they were pulling up to her house.



Last Saturday night, my cousin slept over my house. We roasted marshmallows at the bright fire and chased fireflies. We caught 10 fireflies and watched them glow in a jar. Afterward, we set them free.

Nighttime and/or Summer

I am very sticky, but hard to see when dry. I go round and round across the page until I eventually run out. If you stick with me, in one piece you will be. What am I?

A gluestick 

I often work in the early morning when the light is best. The canvas has had time to dry overnight. When I start, I make sure all of my brushes are clean. 

Artist/ Painter

Bob and Doug are surrounded by thousands of people. All of a sudden the lights turn off and the crowd starts to cheer.



The decision was difficult. No one would find out. She was the only one that would know. It would guarantee her a good grade, but was it worth it? Would she really feel proud passing this way?

What was her struggle?

Thinking about cheating

The days are shorter. Cooler air has set in. Most activities are held inside. People are bundled up in heavy coats.



I am not a magician, but I make things disappear. I come in all shapes and sizes, but am most often found in pink. I can be a writer's best friend. What am I?

An eraser

Mark and Mindy are eating out at their favorite restaurant. Mark orders dessert and the waiter brings is over. Mindy is about to take a bite when she notices something shiny sticking out the top of it. Just as she's trying to take a closer look Mark starts to ask her something.

Mark is going to propose to Mindy

The front desk informed me that I am next. I took my purse and went inside the room. I told the man wearing a white coat that I've been coughing for 3 days now.

Doctor's office

After Tamika broke the trophy, her father turned and walked away without saying anything. 

What is Tamika's father feeling? 

I could smell all of the food cooking in the kitchen. I sat down on the couch to watch some football and wait for my uncle to arrive. 

What day is this? 


Daily Double:

I come in pairs and am known to stink to high heavens at times. I can be laced and tied, or I can hang loose as a goose. I will help you chase your dreams or run for your life. What am I?

A pair of shoes