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If you forgot to study for a test, you can infer that

You will fail


I stood up quickly, grabbed my backpack and ran out the door. Why?

missing bus, late for School


DOUBLE JEOPARDY I received a D on my report card. What happened next?

Get in trouble, etc. 


I want to know what time it is, so I look at a...

clock, watch, computer, phone


The baby's ice cream fell on the floor. What happened next?

The baby cried, parents got the baby another one

Arianni wanted to buy chips at the store, but he forgot his money at home. What do you think will happen next?
Arianni will run home and get his money so he can buy his chips
Destiny was alone in the basement and it was dark. The only thing she could hear was a small scratching sound. What do you think will happen next?
Someone will walk downstairs.

Give two examples / defintions for the word "ring"

Ex( the doorbell rings)(the ring was on her finger)


Susan and Josh filled the tub with water. Josh got the soap and a brush. Susan went to look for Jake. Jake was no where to be found. The only thing Susan found, was Jake's empty leash. What is about to happen?

They will look for Jake. Jake is going to take a bath


I like to read, so what can I read?

A book, article, magazine

Alexis was swinging on the swings when he heard a "SNAP"! What do you think will happen next?
Alexis's swing will break and he will fall off
TRIPLE JEOPARDY A few days after Christmas, Hannah put on her favorite jeans- or rather, she tried to put them on, but they didn't fit! Hannah sighed, took off the jeans and put on a pair of sweatpants. Why didn't Hannah's jeans fit?
She ate too much around the holidays and she put on some weight.

Give two definitions for the word, "spring"

spring - part of machine

spring- season


Katie wanted a pet. She went to the bookstore to buy a book about rabbits. She wanted to find out how to take care of rabbits. Then Katie and her Dad built a pen. What is about to happen?

Katie will get her rabbit


We are going to the beach so I will take my....

beach ball, sandals, towel, umbrella, etc.

DOUBLE JEOPARDY Briana had been waiting all week to go to the beach. She was all ready to go when her mom said, "I have bad news." What do you think will happen next?
Briana will not be able to go to the beach.
"How on earth do people eat with these things? Can't I just ask for a fork?" Matt asked. "Try holding them like this," his father suggested. "You;ll get better with practice." Where are Math and his dad?
China/ Chinese restaurant

Give two definitions for the word, "trip"

trip - vacation

trip- fall


DOUBLE JEOPARDY Jason put together his new kite. He attached the string and the tail. He held his kite in the air and started to run. "Wow!" said Jason. "This is the highest my kite has ever gone." How was the weather on this day?



Three fire trucks raced down the street. What happened?

There is a fire, someone called and said there was a fire


DOUBLE JEOPARDY If your cat is standing by his food bowl, you can infer that

The cat is hungry


I just walked into my house, I see balloons. I am so shocked, everyone yells at me. What happened?

Birthday, celebrations

If you see someone in a truck wearing a construction hat, boots, tool belt, bright yellow and orange reflector belt, you can infer that...

Construction worker


I just got to the place. I see clothes, electronics, beauty supplies, food everywhere. I looked in the food isle, then the baby isle, then the electronic section. Where am I? 

Walmart, target, department store


DOUBLE Jeopardy If your electricity goes out, you can infer that...

The house will be dark, blew a fuse, need to call the electrician