Context Clues
Context Clues

Melissa made sure her skin was covered with lotion before laying down on the towel. She was finally able to relax to the sound of waves.

Where is Melissa?

At the beach


Everywhere they looked, they saw trees, grass, and dirt. As they stood on the trail, they heard the sounds of bugs, birds, frogs. The girls had their backpacks and boots on and they were ready to explore.

Where are they?



As Martin walked down the street, he noticed that most people were carrying closed umbrellas. Although he had not seen a weather report, what could Martin infer?

 that it was going to rain later that day


The doctor specialized in pediatrics. She has taken care of my little brothers since they were babies.

What does pediatrics mean?

A. Adults

B. Children

C. Animals

B. Children


Jamal was ecstatic when he looked out the window to see the snow that had fallen overnight. He has been wishing for snowfall all winter long and finally he got what he wanted! 

C. Very Happy


Jenna went upstairs and quietly she peeked into a dark room and saw the baby was still asleep. She listened for a moment and then went back downstairs to wash dishes and study until the baby's parents came home. 

What is Jenna doing?



Mary rushed through the door and called out, “I’m here! I’m sorry! I’m here!” Her mother appeared in the doorway to the kitchen, looked at her watch, and glared at Mary. “Well hurry up, then,” she said. “Don’t make us wait any longer than you already have.”

What could you infer that Mary is ___?

b. Mary is late.


When he got home, Pete took off his muddy boots and left them on the front steps; he would clean them off later. He went directly into the bathroom and took off his dirty overalls, changing into clean jeans and a t-shirt. He’d spent a long day in the fields.

What is most likely Peter’s job?

a. an officer 

b. a bus driver

c. a farmer

c. a farmer


I didn't see the runner slide into home plate. The man in front of me was obstructing my view.

What does obstructing mean?

A. yelling

B. looking

C. blocking

C. Blocking or in the way 


Beatrice knew the old glass vase was delicate, so she made sure to handle it very carefully.

A. Breakable

B. Ruined

C. Wooden

A. Breakable


Maggie was getting ready to walk to school. She put on her coat and grabbed her backpack. As she was leaving, her mother said,"I love you". Be careful".

You can infer that..

A) Maggie is in kindergarten or first grade.

B) Maggie lives close to school

C) Maggie is never late to school.



Ben put a big spoonful of chili into his mouth. His mom reached out to stop him, but it was too late. Ben let out a scream, spit out the chili, and reached for a glass of water. 

From this passage, you can infer that the chili was?

 c. The chili was very hot.


I hurried in the room when I heard a loud noise - Zoe shrieking. When I got to the room, Zoe was standing on bed and pointing to the ground saying "There's a snake!"

What does shriek mean?



Carol was feeling apprehensive about the camping trip. She had never slept outside before and didn't know what to expect.

What does APPREHENSIVE mean?

Feeling worried / unsure 


Even though there were so many people at her party, she felt isolated because the ones that she loved were not there so she had no one to talk to.

What does isolated mean?

A. lonely


Hudson hurried out of the house so he wasn't late for work. He wore overalls and carried a toolbox with wrenches in it. He hopped in his truck and drove off. The sign on his truck said, "Pipe Masters". 

What is his job?



When the lights dimmed, Hank could still hear what had to be at least a hundred people munching on popcorn. He knew the sound in the room would soon be loud enough to drown it out, so he wasn’t concerned. As the trailers for the coming attractions played, he made a mental note of what he’d like to see next and waited anxiously for the main feature to start.

Where is Hank?

At the movies 


The earthquake made the ground tremble. People who lived miles away could feel the ground moving beneath them.

What does tremble mean?

A. Fall apart

B. Shake

C. Hard



Even though he was grounded, Jax pleaded with his mom to let him go to the party.

A. Begged

B. Yelled

C. argued

A. begged


Kiana had to call and request another ticket for the amusement part because she had lost hers.

What does the word request mean?

A. Ask for


Nicole came out of the elevator in her apartment building. She ran to the curb and held up her arm. When she hopped in she said she was the only one in the car. She told the drive, "Please take me to 345 45th street."

You can infer that:

A) Nicoles mom came to pick her up

B) Nicole in a taxi

D) Nicole is on a bus

B) Nicole is in a taxi


Everett held his fathers hand as he crossed the busy parking lot. They walked into a grocery store. Everett's dad lifted him into the seat of the shopping cart. "Here, said dad. "You can hold my shopping list". 

You can infer that:

A) Everett's dad does not shop often

B) Everett's dad needs help with the shopping

C) Everett is very young



The thunderstorm came and completely saturated the ground. Now my baseball game is cancelled because the field was too soggy and muddy to play in.

A. destroyed

B. wet

C. perfected

B. wet


The fireman was heroic, he saved ten people from a burning building in one day.

A. very brave

B. Scared

C. Funny

 A. Very Brave


David knew that the advanced math class would be rigorous. He knew he would have a lot of work to do and that it would take a lot of focus and studying to receive a good grade in the class.

What does RIGOROUS mean?