Notes and Rests
Odds and Ends
What am I?
An instrument in the woodwind family that does not use a reed to make sound. Instead, you blow across the tone hole to make the sound.
What is a flute.
A note that is worth 4 counts.
What is a whole note?
This is a vertical line that separates measures from one another.
What is a bar line?
A group of musicians that move around on the field during half time at football games.
What is a Marching Band?
I am the part of your instrument where the sound is created when you blow air into it.
What is a mouthpiece?
An instrument in the woodwind family that originally was made of wood, but most students models are made of plastic. You make a sound by vibrating the single reed with air.
What is a clarinet?
Each one of these receives 1 count. Put four of them together, and you get a whole rest.
What is a quarter rest?
The distance between to bar lines. Also referred to as a bar of music.
What is measure?
This is the riser that conductors stand on in order to be seen by the members of a band or orchestra.
What is a podium?
This is the long stick used by conductors to help performers stay together, or the item passed in some track and field races.
What is a baton?
An instrument in the brass family the plays in the bass clef. Instead of valves, you move a slide to change pitch.
What is a trombone?
Take a whole note and add a stem.
What is half note?
This indicates that the player should go back and play that section of music a second time.
What is a repeat sign?
This is an instrument that can be played by both hands AND both feet. It is also the instrument Mr. Vandall plays.
What is a drumset?
An item used to help keep time for musicians. It can also describe a city-dwelling woodland little person.
What is a metronome?
This three-valved instrument is related to its cousin, the trumpet, and was used in brass bands in the early 20th century.
What is the cornet?
Take a whole note, split it half. Split it in half again. Split it in half again.
What is an 8th note?
This indicates that the player should hold out a note or rest as long as the conductor says. It is also called a "bird's eye" due to its rounded shape.
What is a fermata?
This is a very small flute. It sounds 2 octaves higher than where it is written on the staff and is also called a fife.
What is a piccolo?
You use this to raise a note one half step. Or to tweet about how cool music class is.
What is a sharp?
This instrument, when uncoiled, can be as long as 12 feet long and was originally used to communicate between hunters on horseback.
What is the french horn?
There are 64 of these notes in a whole note.
What is a 64th note?
When one wants to play a note that is either too high or low for the regular staff, this needs to be added in order to show where the note should go.
What is a ledger line?
This style of music focuses on group listening and improvisation. It originated in the United States and, in college music courses, is referred to as African-American studies.
What is jazz?

This is the music that the conductor uses to analyze and follow everyone's part in the band.

What is a score?

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