Add & Subtract Integers
Multiply & Divide Integers


The water level at Lake Willow was -14 feet. After 3 days of rain, the water level rose by 23 feet. What is the water level after the rain?

-14+23=9 ft.


Nina made 8 withdraws from her bank account. Each withdraw was for $20. What was the total change in her bank account?



Mason is skiing with friends. He starts at an elevation of 420 feet. He descends 600 feet down the mountain into a valley. What is his elevation when he stops?



A dinner bill total came to $64. Eight friends each use a debit card to split the bill. What will be the change in the bank of each friend who helped pay for dinner?



The lava in a volcano rests 220 feet below sea level. When the volcano erupts, the lava shoots 930 feet upward. How high does the lava reach before it starts to fall?

-220+930=710 ft.


Due to erosion, a beach is disappearing at a rate of -5 feet per year. How long will it take for the beach to lose 85 feet


Blair's bank account was overdrawn by $40. She spent $30 at the grocery store. What is the balance in her account now?



Peter sets out on a run 4 miles west of his school. He ran 14 miles east. How far past is his school after his run?