Review, lessons 1-2
Comparatives, Superlatives
More Comparatives and Superlatives
Past progressive/continuous
Relative pronouns, Possessive forms

Use prepositions to answer the following question! Where do you live? - Give two sentences.

I live on ____ street. My house is next to/near.... In front of my house, there is...


How can you compare people/places/things in English? Give one or two examples, an example or the grammar. same as.../...-er than


Answer the question:
Who is the tallest in the class? Who is the shortest person?

Use a full sentence to answer.

(Name) _____ is the tallest in the class. (Name) _____ is the shortest.

What is the difference between WHEN and WHILE? What verb tense do we associate with each expression?

When = short action, simple past. While = long action, past progressive.


What are different types of possessives that exist in English? What question word can we use to ASK about POSSESSION?

- 's, s'

- Possessive adjectives, Possessive pronouns

- Question word: WHOSE


What is the modal for past ability? What is the modal for past obligation (conjugation)?

Could, Had to (Have to)


What is the comparative of:




bigger than / cuter than / smaller than


What is the comparative and superlative of Cool, Dry, Cheap, and Expensive?

Cool - cooler than - the coolest

Dry - drier than - the driest 

Cheap - cheaper than - the cheapest

Expensive - more expensive than - the most expensive


Is this correct: When I was travelling, I saw many animals.

No, it is not. According to the grammar, WHILE = long action. So: *While* I was travelling = past progressive.

OR: When I travelled, I saw many animals.


Use the correct relative pronoun:

1- She is a teacher ____ likes to play games.

2- I have books ____ are in English and French.

1- who 

2- which/that


What modals can we use to deduce/conclude what we can see, feel, taste, hear? Example: You didn't sleep last night, so you _____ be tired.

Must = deduction based on information or facts (also, obligation)


What is a superlative? How different is it from a comparative? And what is the necessary structure to use a superlative?

A superlative identifies one element/person/place as the top or bottom of a category. A comparative needs two people/places/things, a superlative needs 3 or more.

the most.../ the least... Ex.: The most interesting, the best, the least fun... 


What is the best restaurant that you went to? Describe it using superlatives (the best service, the best wine...) and describe WHERE it is/was, using prepositions.

The best restaurant was in..... It had the best wine because... It has the most delicious.... It had the most expensive....


Correct: I was seeing my mom when I was shopping. *2 problems*

I saw (short action, no -ing *exception*, "see" = state verb) while (long action) I was shopping.


What are some common examples of prepositions?
Give examples! And, if possible, mention some *exceptions* when prepositions are NOT needed (Lesson 9).

In, on, at, next to, beside...

*This/last/next/every = no extra preposition needed.*


Choose the modal and conjugate: Yesterday, I ______ (obligation) change my tires, but I ________ (not possible/no ability in the past) because I didn't have the correct tools.

I had to.... but I couldn't...


Create a comparative AND a superlative with the following adjectives:

funny - fun - good - comfortable - bad

Funny - funnier than - the funniest

Fun - more fun that - the most fun

Good - better than - the best

Comfortable - more comfortable than - the most comfortable

Bad - worse than - the worst


Are these sentences correct: I had the most best supper yesterday! It was better that what my mom cooks.

I had the best supper yesterday! It was better than what my mom cooks.


Fill in the blanks: 1- ______ I was gardening, I saw a bird. 2- I was reading while she  _____ (play) soccer. 3- I was cooking and they ______ (watch) tv.

1- While, 2- she was playing 3- they were watching (parallel actions "and")...


Write a WHOSE question with the following information:

A) This is Mary's house.

B) The car belongs to John and Nancy.

A) Whose house is this?
B) Whose car is this? (Or: Whose car does this belong to?)


What is "had better"? Define and give two examples that a good student had better do if they don't want to fail a test.

Had better = suggestion, with a possible/implied consequence if not complete. A student had better study. A student had better review the grammar.  A student had better NOT cheat on the test...


Fill in the blanks with a similarity OR comparative OR superlative:

1 She is ______ (good) in the class

2 He is ________ (tall) than his sister.

3 John and Nancy are very good at painting. He is ___ artistic ___ Nancy.

1 She is the best (good) in the class

2 He is taller (tall) than his sister.

3 John and Nancy are very good at painting. He is as artistic as Nancy.


Compare your first car and the one you have now with comparatives or superlatives.

My first car was smaller than.... bigger than... more expensive than... It was the best car! It was the worst car!


Re-arrange: 1- All day - and - yesterday - cleaning - I -cooking, - was - planning, - week- my  -. 2- I - I - tired - was- finished - When- .

1- All day yesterday, I was cleaning, cooking, and planning my week. 2- When I finished, I was tired.


Rewrite this sentence with the correct relative pronoun in the correct place:

the office. / The / teachers / who / all the time / in / are / speak / English

The teachers who speak English all the time are in the office.