What is Wellness?
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Lifestyle Factors
Valid and Reliable Resources

The aspect of wellness that would be improved by reading a book, watching a documentary, or attending a college course

What is Mental (Intellectual) Wellness?


Two factors that are in the Physiological Needs category of Maslow's Hierarchy

What are:

1: Food 2. Water 3. Air 4. Ability to Reproduce 5. Sleep


This aspect of a SMART Goal tells us how we track progress for our particular goal

What is Measurable?


Two Health Enhancing Lifestyle Factors

What are:

1. Exercise Regularly 2. Get enough sleep 3. stay hydrated 4. Practice proper hygiene 5. Be a member of a social group 6. pursue continuous education 7. Get Vaccines 8. Etc.


When a person or organization only provides their view of the topic, generally in an attempt to sway you into believing their point of view.

What is Bias?


This aspect of our wellness matters because we spend the majority of our adult lives each week doing this

Occupational Wellness


In order to get to the Love and Sense of Belonging category of the Hierarchy, we must first take care of the following categories

What are Physiological Needs, Safety Needs


What does the A stand for in the SMART Goal acronym and why is it important?


it ensures that we are setting goals that have a reasonable chance of successfully completing. We are not setting ourselves up for failure. 


Two Health Degrading lifestyle factors:

1. Poor Diet 2. Sedentary Lifestyle 3. Negative influences you're around regularly 4. smoking 5. drug use 6. lack of sleep 7. etc. 


Kaitlyn is a news anchor. She gathers stories from her local community, writes up the news stories and does her news show in the evening each day. What type of source of information is Kaitlyn?

A secondary source - she is reporting on the information she gathers from other sources


Paying bills on time, monitoring our credit score, reducing excess and unnecessary spending and always saving a portion of our paycheck each month are all ways to improve our _____________ Wellness

What is Financial?

provide two examples of things a person would have or do if they were successful in the Self-esteem category of the hierarchy

1. Positive self image

2. empathetic

3. comfortable with who they are

4. not easily influenced by outside sources

5. etc. 


In order to make sure we choose a goal that is achievable we need to know this other letter in a SMART goal

T- Time-bound

We need to know how long we have to achieve this goal before determining what a reasonable and achievable amount of improvement is within that timeframe. 


Explain why a lack of exercise and a sedentary  (mostly stationary) lifestyle is a negative lifestyle factor - At least two reasons why.

1. lack of exercise leads to loss of muscle mass and increase in fat mass which increases risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes and high blood pressure.

2. More Prone to Injury over the course of your life

3. chronic pain and illness

4. etc.


What is a primary source and provide an example

An original source of information.

ex. a scientist publishing their own peer reviewed article on a research topic


Spending time in nature disconnected from technology or practicing a religion can be examples of:

Spiritual Wellness


What is the top of the pyramid that we are striving to achieve on Maslow's Hierarchy called, and what does it mean?

Self-Actualization - Finding your passion and pursuing what gives your life meaning


What is missing in this SMART goal?

Timmy is going to work on drinking more water. His Goal is to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water daily. He is going to keep track of his progress by using an app on his phone. It is important to him because he is an athlete and knows the role water plays in performance.


Natalya is a relatively healthy person. She exercises 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes at a time, she eats healthy nutritious food most of the time throughout the week, and she drinks plenty of water. She works long hours and likes to relax by watching Netflix until around Midnight or later each night. Sometimes she ends up falling asleep on the couch in front of the tv.

What is one lifestyle factor that Natalya can change in order to improve her overall health?

Increase the amount of sleep that she gets on a nightly basis by reducing the time she spends watching Netflix each night.


Carlos owns a supplement company. He just published an article that states all of the amazing effects of a new supplement his company produces. He himself did the study and is publishing the results with the release of the new supplement. 

What is the potential problem with this?

Carlos is Biased because his company produces the supplement and he did the study himself. We as consumers cannot determine whether his findings are unbiased and accurate or if he is changing the data in his favor to sell his new product


Javon constantly loses his temper and finds it difficult to be around people that he doesn't agree with. What aspect of his Wellness does Javon need to work on improving?

What is Social / Emotional?


Brandon has food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. covered on a daily basis. He has a home that he rents and he has a dog named Simon. He goes to a golf league every Thursday night and regularly meets up with friends to hang out. He is a software engineer at a local company and he hates the fact that he spends all day inside of a cubicle in front of a computer. He wants to do something outside in nature but can't bring himself to commit to the change yet. 

What level is Brandon on in the Hierarchy?

He is on Self-esteem. He has his basic physiological needs taken care of, he has shelter and safety in other aspects of his life, he has a dog and social groups, he takes care of himself decently from the description but he hates his job and hasn't done anything about it yet. He needs to find his passion and pursue it in order to reach Self-Actualization.


Explain what the M stands for in the SMART Goal acronym and why it is so important in goal setting

Measurable - it is important because we need to know how we are going to be tracking progress towards our goal over time and when we have completed it


Emilia has a couple of lifestyle factors affecting her healthy. Out of the list below which lifestyle factors are POSITIVELY affecting her health? (Identify all)

1. She smokes a vape pen which equals about a cartridge per week. 2. She is a member at a gym and works out 5 times a week. 3. She eats fast food 4 times a week. 4. She hasn't been to the doctor even for a check up in 4 years.

She is a member at a gym and works out 5 times a week is the only thing in this list positively affecting her health.


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