The Basics
The Keyboard
Important Tricks
This is how you Shut Down an iPad
Tap on the Power Button to sleep your iPad. Hold on the Power Button to turn the iPad off.
This is how you close some of your open apps.
Access the multi-task bar and then press and hold on an app. Click the little X on the top left corner to close the app.
This trick at the end of a sentence gets you a period plus a space.
Double tap the space bar button to end a sentence with a period and new space.
This step is needed to access your audio control and brightness control.
Swipe all the way to the left on the multi-task bar to adjust the brightness or play/pause music.
This is how you add a website to the home screen
When using Safari, add a website to the home screen by clicking on the save/open in button on the top (square with an arrow) and select Add to Home Screen.
This switch can either be use for MUTE or to LOCK THE ORIENTATION.
What is the SIDE SWITCH? You can change the MEANING of the SIDE SWITCH from MUTE to LOCK by swiping all the way to the left on the multi-task bar.
This is how you move several apps into a folder.
Drag one app directly on top of another app to create a folder.
These two tricks let you detach the keyboard and/or split it into two pieces.
When using the keyboard, separate the keyboard with your thumbs (or press and hold on the keyboard icon on the bottom right and choose Split).
How do you search WITHIN a web site when on an iPad?
Click in the Search bubble on the top right. You will see the keyboard appear on the bottom. Directly above the keyboard is a search field to find text on the page.
This explains why you sometimes see the word READER next to the URL when in Safari.
When using Safari, tap on Reader mode in the website address bar to read a website in fullscreen reader mode (text only with adjustable letter size and no ads).
This trick takes a snapshot of the screen and puts it as a new graphic in the camera roll.
Push and hold the power and home buttons until the screen flashes. The photo will be stored in your photo library.
This is how you move an app to a different screen.
Touch and hold on an app to move to a different location or by moving it to the left or right side, to a different screen.
This trick is use to foreign symbols (é or ñ) or fancy quotes (” or “) or special symbols such as ¢.
Press and hold on a key for diacritics (any letter), currency symbols($), apostrophe (,), quotation marks (.), and degree symbol (0).
This is how you SAVE an image from a website to your camera roll.
Tap and hold on an image. Save the image to your photo library or copy the image to your clipboard.
This trick takes you to SPOTLIGHT so you can SEARCH.
Swipe to the left until you see the Spotlight Search which includes apps, emails, calendar information, contacts, and more.
These are the two ways to go back to the HOME SCREEN.
You can either press the HOME button ("belly button") or you can do the FIVE FINGER PINCH.
This is how you add an App to the App dock.
When you click and hold an app, you turn your APP screen into one with Xs and -s so that you can then move the App to the App dock by dragging. The App dock holds just 4 Apps.
This trick lets you type in ALL CAPS.
Double click the SHIFT button to be in ALL CAPS.
These are the two standard ways to get the MULTI-TASKING bar on the bottom of your home screen.
What is "double tapping on the HOME button" or "swiping up on your iPad with five fingers."
This is how you access files on an iPad
Use Dropbox, Google Drive, and other free cloud-based Apps to access your files on your iPad.
This is the standard way to zoom in or zoom out.
You PINCH and EXPAND your two fingers to zoom in or PINCH and CONTRACT to zoom out.
This is how you change from one open App to another open App.
You swipe LEFT or RIGHT with FIVE fingers.
This trick lets you COPY and PASTE text.
Tap and hold on a word. Drag the blue highlight to the selection that you want to copy. In order to paste the text, go to an area where you can type and tap and hold, then select paste.
This is a physical way to undo your last edit.
After deleting some text, hold your iPad with your both hands and give it a shake, and the UNDO button slides in for you to undo. To REDO, shake it again.
This tells you when you need to run updates on your iPad.
What does the RED NUMBER in a circle mean when you look at the APP STORE or SETTINGS on an iPad?