I remade the food because I burnt it the first time I cooked it.

What is the meaning of the prefix re?

to do something again


What does Fox want to do with the rock in this paragraph?

One day, Fox sat high up above the sea. He had just found the most beautiful rock. It was bright blue with little gold stripes. He planned to take it home and keep it. Just as Fox was leaving, Cat walked up to him. When Cat saw the rock, she wanted it for her own.

He wants to have it for his own; he wants to take it with him and keep it


What does the author want readers to know about the flag of Great Britain?

-It is one of the most interesting flags.

-It is a part of the flags of two other countries.

-It has more colors than the flag of any country.

-It has red and white stripes on it.

Some countries think about how their own land came to be. The United States flag was made in this way. The stars stand for the states in the country today. The red and white stripes stand for the very first states that made up the country. The countries of Australia and New Zealand once belonged to a place called Great Britain. On a part of each of their flags is the flag of Great Britain.

It is a part of the flags of two other countries.

What sounds do these digraphs make?




th - thumb

ch - chicken

sh - shark


Read this sight word correctly: answer


(the w is silent)


Mia's family sent their belongings, or things they owned, to their new home.

What is the meaning of the word belongings in this sentence?

things people own or things people have


In this paragraph, how does Ms. Bear feel?

The rain fell outside Ms. Bear's window. "Another gray day," she said. She looked at the bright, yellow lemons sitting on her table. "I miss seeing the sun, but crying will not stop the rain." Ms. Bear had an idea. "I will make a lemon cake to brighten my day."

-glad to help others

-happy to see her friends

-sad about the rain

sad about the rain


What do you think the main idea of this story is based on the title, the first paragraph, and the last paragraph?

Title: Farmer's Helpers

First: Bats may seem scary to some people. Those people may wonder why bats don't just stay in their caves. One group of people likes bats though. That group is farmers. Farmers like to see bats flying around. Bats are a great help to farmers.

Last: Bats are very important to farmers. Because they help grow crops, bats help everyone. People should thank bats for their hard work!

Bats are very important to farmers because they help grow crops.


What sound does the c make in ce, ci, and cy?

the s sound

ce - face

ci - city

cy - bicycle


Read this sight word correctly: underlined


(break into two words you know)


John put away the glasses in the kitchen cabinet after he cleaned the dishes.

What is the meaning of glasses in this sentence?

cups or other things to drink out of


Which sentence best tells what Eagle understands about making the wings from his feathers? 

5 "Why do you want my old feathers?" he asked.

6 "My friend Joey wants to fly, but he has no wings. He's a kangaroo," Birdy said.

7 "You will need more than just my feathers," said Eagle. He then called to all of his eagle friends to help. They gathered all the old feathers from their nests. Then they took sticky stuff from a tree to put the feathers together. They made two big wings.



On which page could you most likely find out why a caterpillar changes its skin?



egg, 2

larva/caterpillar, 2

shed skin, 3

spin cocoon, 4

grow wings and legs, 4

leave cocoon, 5-6



What sound does ge, dge, and gi make?

the j sound

ge - page

dge - budge

gi - giraffe


Read this word correctly: describe


(e changes the i to the long sound)


The math problem was simple for the sharp student.

What is the meaning of the word sharp in the sentence?

smart or intelligent


What lesson can be learned from the story?

-Find people who will do what you ask.

-Do not live in a house by the sea.

-Listen to people who know more than you do.

-Live in a house that is painted dark colors.

The woman called the town builder. "I want a new house that is as white as the salt on my table. Please build me a house using blocks of salt." The wise builder shook his head. "A house of salt will not be strong. When it rains, the house will melt into the sea." The woman still wanted a house of salt. She met a young man who had never built a house before. "I'm sure I can build you a strong house of salt," he told her. 

Listen to people who know more than you do.


What can people learn about under the heading "Other Kinds of Eyes"?

-how many colors people can see

-the name of light that bees can see

-how much green dogs can see

-the different colors cats can see

Other Kinds of Eyes

Horses also have very few cones in their eyes. They can see only blue, yellow, gray, and white. However, the colors don't look as bright. On the other hand, bees see lots of blue, green, and violet, which is a dark red-blue color. They can also see a kind of light called UV, which people, dogs, cats, and horses can't see! The UV light helps bees find the middle of flowers, which is where their food is.

the name of light that bees can see


What sound do kn and gn make?

the n sound

kn - know, knife

gn - gnat, sign


Read this word correctly: passage


(ge makes the j sound)


Pat did not want a big bite of the food. She chose to just nibble on the cracker with butter.

What is the meaning of the word nibble in this sentence?

to take a small bite of something


What lesson can be learned from the story?

-Finding a job is hard work.

-Don't worry what others think.

-Hard work can do wonders.

-Be happy with who you are.

"You're welcome," said the little cloud. "I didn't think I did anything for anybody. "I'm not big like the sky or bright like the sun, and I don't glow like the stars or the moon." "Little Cloud, being you is the best thing you can be!" The little cloud started to cry. "Well, look, now you are crying," said the bird. "That is another good thing you do."

Be happy with who you are.


What do you think the main idea of this story is based on the title, the first paragraph, and the last paragraph?

Title: Big Ice

First: Icebergs are big pieces of ice that float in an ocean or lake. They begin on land and then break off and fall into the water. Only the top of an iceberg can be seen. A large part of the iceberg stays underwater. 

Last: Scientists study icebergs because they are an important part of the world. Icebergs help keep the earth cool. Scientists can learn a lot by seeing how and why icebergs grow and change.

what icebergs are like

Icebergs are big pieces of ice that keep the earth cool.


What sounds do these vowel teams make?




oa - long o sound (boat, loan)

igh - long i sound (night, might)

ou - ow sound (sound, out, our)


Read this sight word correctly: paragraph


(ph makes the f sound)

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