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Launching in 2013, this annual neighborhood celebration with food, games, and prizes marks the waning of the summer season in Canarsie.

What is Canarsie Day?


This agency oversees the operation of the Combined Sewer Outflow (CSO) facility at the head of Paerdegat Basin.

a. NYC Dept of Environmental Protection

b. NYC Parks Dept.

c. NYS Dept. of State

What is a) NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection?


The horseshoe crab, which mates on the beaches of Jamaica Bay every spring, has been on our planet for this many years

 a) ~100,000 years b) ~50 million years, c)~450 million years

What is , c)~450 million years?


True or False: Shirley Chisholm Park will not include waterfront access?

What is false? 


This man, who also masterminded the Belt Parkway, created the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in 1938.

Who is Robert Moses?


In the summer of 1867, over 120,000 people took this railroad line to Canarsie Pier to catch a ferry to enjoy a beach day at the Rockaways.

What is the Brooklyn & Rockaway Beach line?


On June 1, urban park rangers will lead a hike through the trails of this community park.

What is Canarsie Park?


This many federal, state, and city agencies have jurisdiction over Jamaica Bay. 

a) less than 5 

b) 15 

c) more than 20

What is c) more than 20


Salt marshes around Jamaica Bay are disappearing at this rate. 

a) 20-25 acres per year

b) 50-55 acres per year

c)  70-75 acres per year

What is b) 50-55 acres per year?

Salt marsh loss stands at about 54 acres a year.


In October 2018, Governor Cuomo announced a $13 billion infrastructure upgrade at JFK airport with the construction of two of these.

What are International Terminals?


Aw shucks! This industry closed in Jamaica Bay during the 1920s due to pollution and overharvesting of the stock.

What is Commercial Oyster Fishing? 


This many people contribute to wastewater in the Jamaica Bay watershed. 

A) 200,000

B) 400,000

C) 800,000

D) >1 million

What is D) >1 million


A double dune system will be built in Breezy Point, Queens by this federal agency.

What is FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)?


The _________ House, built in about 1652, is the oldest Dutch saltbox frame house in America.

What is Wyckoff? 

The Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House was declared a National Landmark in 1967.


The US Army Corp of Engineers presents these many alternative concepts for managing future flood risk in the NY-NJ Harbor and Tributaries Study (HATS). 

What is six?


This famous female pilot competed in a 1933 aviation competition at Jamaica Bay’s Floyd Bennett Field.

Who is Amelia Earhart?


As part of their 40th year anniversary, the Urban Park Rangers are teaching a nature survival series at the Salt Marsh Center in this Brooklyn neighborhood.

What is Marine Park?


This Federal Agency will restore 11 acres of salt marsh and 16 acres of coastal upland in Queens by 2020.

What is DOI (Department of the Interior)?


Seniors in the environmental program at this Canarsie high school participate in a hydroponics project at Cornell University and some secure internships with the Nature Conservancy.

What is Academy for Conservation and the Environment?


The City of New York has committed this much money over 10 years to the buildout of the Southeast Queens Sewer.

What is $1.9 billion (over 10 years)?


What was the name of the Lenape group that lived near Jamaica Bay in this area before the Dutch arrived?

A: Who were The Canarasie?


This school is a designated hurricane evacuation center for Canarsie.

A. Samuel J. Tilden High School ( 5800 Tilden Ave)

B. PS 327 ( 111 Bristol Street)

C. East Flatbush Community Research School (905 Winthrop Street)

What is B. PS 327 (111 Bristol Street)?

The other two schools, located in East Flatbush, are both in hurricane evacuation zones.

For a complete list of evacuation centers, visit the NYC Office of Emergency Management's Know Your Zone website.


This state initiative will oversee the develop of coastal protection projects in Breezy Point, Rockaway Point, and Roxbury, including dune walkways. 

What is NY Rising?


Along with 379 acres of green infrastructure expansion and 50 acres of wetland restoration, the Jamaica Bay LTCP recommended the design, construction, and maintenance of 7 acres of these bio-extractors in 2018.

What are Ribbed Mussel beds. 


The Northeast Supply Enhancement Project proposes to install this many miles of natural gas pipeline under the seabed of Lower New York Harbor.

What is 23.5 miles?


What did the Lenape people make out of seashells collected along the edge of Jamaica Bay?

What is Wampum?