Where in the Bay?
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Final Jeopardy

This airport, one of the top ten busiest in the country, is located in Jamaica Bay.

What is John F. Kennedy Airport?

(JFK or Kennedy Airport is also acceptable) 

Over 59 million passengers fly through annually.


True or False: The Sebago Canoe Club offers free kayaking sessions in Canarsie every Saturday during the summer.

What is true?

Sebago Canoe Club, a Cycles of Resilience partner, is located at 1400 Paerdegat Avenue N.


This celebrity probably drinks ‘Lemonade’ while sailing on her yacht named ‘The Jamaica Bay’.

Who is Beyonce?


If an ecosystem or community can bounce back after a disturbance, it is described as __________.

What is resilient?


FINAL JEOPARDY: This year, a new park built over the former Fountain Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue Landfills was opened to the public. The park will be named after this American politician who became the first black woman elected to Congress in 1968.

Who is Shirley Chisholm? 


Jamaica Bay is surrounded by three counties. Nassau, Kings, and _______ county.

What is Queens county?

From the Rockaways to Howard Beach!


Since 1969, the Fontanas have been serving their famous pizza at this business on Avenue L.

What is Original’s Pizza?

Original's Pizza also has a location in Mill Basin.


This weatherman of NBC’s Today Show was born in Canarsie.

A. Al Roker

B. Amy Freeze

C. Ron Burgundy

Who is A) Al Roker?


 The Wyckoff House on Ralph Avenue, now a national landmark and museum, is this old.

  1. 100 years old

  2. 250 years old

  3. Over 300 years old

What is c. Over 300 years old?

The Wyckoff family lived in this house for eight successive generations, from 1652 to 1901


Urban Park Rangers teach a Nature Survival series at the Salt Marsh Nature Center. This center is in Marine Park, a neighborhood in this borough.

What is Brooklyn?

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the Urban Park Rangers program. They are hosting many special events throughout the year.


Every August, the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge hosts a festival that draws nature enthusiasts from all over the country to see over 40 species of these fly through Jamaica Bay.

What are birds?


This famous female pilot competed in a 1933 aviation race at Jamaica Bay’s Floyd Bennett Field.

Who is Amelia Earhart?


Thanks in part to conservation efforts like artificial nesting platforms in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, this migratory bird’s population has made a strong recovery in recent years. (photo credit, Littoral Society)

What are ospreys?


No fish or crabs can be safely eaten by humans in this waterway near Canarsie.

What is the Paerdegat Basin? 

While you may not be able to eat the oysters, the Billion Oysters Project has a community reef in Paerdegat Basin.


Every July in Canarsie, this annual neighborhood celebration with food, games, and prizes is organized by the Kosah Foundation.

What is Canarsie Day?

The Kosah Foundation also hosts basketball tournaments in Canarsie.


If you like coffee, you should know that Howard Schultz, former chairman of this company, was born in Canarsie.

What is Starbucks Coffee Company?


These landscape elements filter pollution and debris from surface water. There may be more coming to Rockaway Parkway soon.

What are bioswales?


The Jamaica Bay Riding Academy, praised as one of the best equestrian academies on the East Coast is located in this neighborhood

What is Bergen Beach?

Professional riding lessons are for people age 8 and up.

Kids 7 and under can be given pony rides. 


This landfill, which once took in an average of 8.2 tons of New York City's trash a day. 

a) Gowanus Canal

b) Far Rockaway Landfill

c) Fountain Avenue Landfill

What is c) Fountain Avenue Landfill?

Over the past several years, the landfill has been closed and remediated. 


Peter Criss, drummer and vocalist in this famous 1970s band, once lived on Paedergat 14th street in Canarsie.

What is KISS?


Seniors in the environmental program at this Canarsie high school participate in an hydroponics project at Cornell University, and some secure internships with the Nature Conservancy.

What is Academy for Conservation and the Environment?