Prepositional Phrases
Synonyms and Antonyms
Roots and Affixes
Conjunctions and Interjections
Name the preposition to best complete the sentence: Arushi thought that the puppy's leash was ____ her reach. A. within B. on C. through D. by
What is A. within?
This word best completes the sentence: You should never _____ someone personally. A. attack B. atax C. atack D. ataque
What is A. attack?
Choose a synonym for the word constantly in the sentence below: These sharks live alone and roam the ocean, constantly searching for food. A. unknown B. hungry C. scary D. always
What is D. always?
Choose the meaning of the word PREPAY as used in the following sentence: Some gas stations that are afraid of theft will require the customers to prepay for their gas. A. pay after B. pay more C. pay before D. pay late
What is C. pay before?
Harold sped on the highway and got a ticket ____ taking his time driving to New York. The word or phrase that best completes the sentence is: A. rather than B. as for C. and D. than
What is A. rather than?
The following word best completes this sentence: _____ midnight, the sky will have come alive with beautiful moonlight. A. Among B. On C. Between D. By
What is D. By?
Hot peppers are bad for my ______ system. Choose the proper spelling. A. dijestive B. digestive C. digestiv D. dijustive
What is B. digestive?
Choose the synonym for the word pressure in the sentence below: The ice could slide down a slope if there is too much pressure on the bottom of the glacier. A. sheets B. strain C. warmth D. frost
What is B. strain?
The meaning of the word FEARLESS in the following sentence: Newton was the most fearless player on the football team.
Write the following sentence correctly: You can play only one sport, so you must choose either track but also baseball.
What is You can play only one sport, so you must choose either track or baseball?
Identify the preposition in the following sentence: Somewhere beyond the sea lies my sweet memory. A. beyond B. sea C. sweet D. memory
What is B. beyond?
Martin Luther King spent his life fighting people's _____. Pick the proper word to describe MLK's work. A. prejudusses C. prejudices B. prejooduces D. prejudesses
What is C. prejudices?
Choose a synonym for the word chief in the following sentence: Although no longer used as a chief source of fuel in the U.S., kerosene is still used today. A. main B. boss C. ruler D. instant
What is A. main?
The meaning of the word INTERWOVEN in the following sentence: The cloth was interwoven with bright and dark colors. A. woven against B. woven between C. woven before D. woven wrongly
"_____ You should be more careful!" Marla exclaimed. The interjection that best completes the sentence is: A. Around! B. Hey! C. Nor! D. For!
What is B. Hey!?
Identify the prepositional phrase in the following sentence: I feel like a different person when I am playing the piano in my room. A. I feel like B. playing the piano C. in my room
What is C. in my room?
Complete with the correct spelling. Did you ____ your report card in the mail? A. recieve B. receave C. receive D. receeve
What is C. receive?
Choose a synonym for the word everyday in the following sentence: It soon became an everyday source of fuel in the 1800's. A. exciting B. relaxed C. common D. peaceful
What is C. common?
Adding -FUL to the root word PAIN in the following sentence changes the meaning to: I got a painful injury when I fell from the swing. A. small pain B. full of pain C. without pain D. the most pain
What is B. full of pain?
_____ the mayor nor the city manager had an explanation as to why the pets in town were missing. Complete the sentence with the best choice. A. If B. Whether C. Either D. Neither
What is D. Neither?
This word best completes the sentence: Carly placed the cheesecake _____ the jar of cookies. A. at B. beyond C. beside D. under
What is C. beside?
Choose the correct spelling. On Halloween, my sister loves _____ me! A. scareing B. scaring C. scarin' D. scaren
What is B. scaring?
Choose the antonym for the word dense in the following sentence: This makes the glacier dense and makes it look blue. A. blue B. heavy C. light D. cold
What is C. light?
The magazine's readership was at an all time low, and they were losing money. The word READERSHIP means: A. needing to be read B. the condition of being read C. during reading D. the condition of not being read
What is B. the condition of being read?
____ you're here!" Felix announced as he seemed surprised to see her. The word that best completes the sentence is: A. For! B. Oh! C. But! D. Over!
What is B. Oh!
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