Everyone Say "Safety!"
Meet the World Changers
Kickoff Day!
The Day-to-Day
The Big Event!

You shouldn't speed in the Event Vehicle! But you couldn't if you tried because it caps off at what speed?

What is 75mph


Teacher Meetings should roughly be how long?

What is 15-20 minutes


"Kickoff Day?!?" It used to be called ________

What is Pep Rally Day


Huddles & Classroom Visits always begin and end with this

What is the cheer


Always take this off of the Event Vehicle in case someone gets a scrape during the event day, someone forgets their lap marking sticker, or if you need permanent markers

What is the BFR Kit/Event Kit


"Let's line up these classes!" To fit them all, how long should the start/finish line be, per track, for a traditional fun run set up?

What is 30ft.

"Another meeting?!?" What can we do for teachers if they decide not to do an in-person teacher meeting?

What is a teacher meeting video and/or a teacher kickoff party

The "most important tool to help your school!" Every student should take this home on Kickoff day

What is the giving guide


What do you add to a student's name when you register them on mybooster.com

What is put an asterisk before their name


How many tables go under tents on each track on a traditional fun run setup?

What is 2


"When it comes to the weather, it is ultimately up to me to decide if the event is indoors or outdoors."

Who is the principal


"We love you, teachers!" What does the front of this year's teacher kit say as an encouragement to them?

What is "Teachers Make the World Go 'Round"


Customize, customize, customize! What are the 3 primary ways we can execute a Kickoff Day?

What is 1) digitally, 2) grade-level/huddle kickoff, & 3) traditional


Classroom visits, huddles...if a program is in-person what other team day option can they choose?

What is the announcement model


"So many cones!" The cones that go around our speakers for safety have a _____ _____ radius for outdoor fun runs.

What is 8 foot


It's that time of the year again! Many outdoor fun runs could be rescheduled or moved indoors if it is how cold during the time of the runs?

What is 39 degrees


What is the "Win" of Teacher Meetings?

What is to convert school faculty and teachers into team members


How many feet behind the screen should the projector be?

What is 16 ft.


"Good morning, team! Before we start the day let's _____"

What is have a client care huddle/read the client care standard


There is the Fun Run & DanceFit, but how many total event day options do we offer?

What is 7 (Outdoor Fun Run, DanceFit, Glow Run (indoor), Obstacle Challenge, Color Run, Splash & Dash, Virtual DF)


An accident with the event vehicle! Someone's hurt during the fun run! I need to give _____ a call!

Who is Joy Pascol

Joy Pascol: (908) 447-3233


You've made it to the end of your teacher meeting! Before you let them go, what are 3 action steps that you give to teachers?

What is 1) fill out your POM incentives, 2) grab a teacher shirt, & 3) take your teacher kit with you


What is the Win of Kickoff Day?

What is to create momentum to get pledges


What is the Win of Team Days?

What is motivate, celebrate, & promote


Soundcheck! The decibel level should be no higher than ____ decibels during DanceFits/Indoor Fun Runs

What is 85 Decibels

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